TAELER: Goldy Locks Rocks TLC's Call in the Cheapskates!

While the global pandemic has shed light on many societal failings, there is certainly an issue at the forefront that affects billions all over the world every single day - money. I personally think living in a social media world provides numerous benefits. However, as a consequence, there are certain things that have taken more precedent in our daily lives than they likely deserve. You need to buy this, wear that, look like this, talk like that, post this, and do that! Oh, and if you do that and don't post about it, then did it really happen? With everything and almost anything available at our fingertips at the touch of a button or a swipe right…well, not to quote Spider-Man but; insert with great power comes great responsibility quote here!

As a result we've ended up living every day for the subsequent posts, likes, comments, and fickle trends that add up to more dollars spent than earned in most people's that has seen a trend of far more people living above their means. Or in other words we fall victim to keeping up with the jones'. A veritable cornucopia of equal parts: stuff we don't need, posts that should have never been made, dwindling bank accounts, and outfits/trinkets we can live without for now. If you think you are exempt, think again. We've all done it. It's a very easy mistake to make for anyone and most certainly for people in the public eye. What can you do? 'Call in the Cheapskates!'

Vince Russo's Brand Podcaster, Model, former TNA Impact Wrestling Interviewer, Suicide Prevention Advocate, Ghost Writer and Singer of some of your favorite Pro Wrestling entrance musics from WWE and IMPACT, and Award Winning Touring Recording Artist: Goldy Locks has created her own empire spanning several decades and as the aforementioned list suggests, several industries as well! As discussed on my podcast, 'Talks with Taeler Hendrix' Goldy Locks grew up with humble beginnings. So much so that she learned her value as a professional at a very young age and how to make the best out of everything even if you don't have the best of everything. She put herself through school by modeling, writing jingles, and acting in commercials. She ultimately molded herself into the woman she is today and has cultivated an immensely impressive resume of stellar accomplishments all while sticking to her values and learning the power of the almighty dollar.

Over the years, Goldy Locks has become a true Pro at saving money while looking and performing at a top-notch level with conviction and gumption gained from experience. Overcoming the odds as she's done. Relying on herself to provide for herself. Seeing everything that comes with the act of pursuing a dream and utilizing your own innate talents in said pursuit of dreams. All of this is nothing new to Goldy Locks. From touring on the road with Stevie Nicks, Theory of a Deadman, Sevendust, Maroon 5, and more, Goldy Locks has learned how to make one outfit into three. How to prepare meals that turn one meal into five meals to save from buying food on the road, to thrifting instead of brand new and so much more. As a Podcaster and Model, she's learned how to produce her own photoshoots, tutorials, makeup, hair, and more. Skills that if we're being honest, can easily cost over 3k per shoot. No wonder she was featured on 'Extreme Cheapskates' and is now helping others on 'Call in the Cheapskates!'

All of these savvy saving skills come in handy and not just when you are Goldy Locks. Whether you're a starving artist, single parent on a budget, young professional trying to make it up the corporate ladder in an expensive city, or even a retired couple on a strict set monthly income, knowing what to do with your money and how to make your money work for you without getting caught up in the keeping up with the Jones' is a lesson we can all benefit from! And there's very few performing artists who know the insides and out of each dollar the way Goldy Locks has done for years. So who better to answer the call for TLC's 'Call in the Cheapskates' than Goldy Locks? Check out the hit T.V. show 'Call in the Cheapskates' on TLC as Goldy Locks rocks the world of a family with out-of-control spending habits during a time where saving could be the answer to whether or not they can make rent, eat, have electric and internet next month and the month after and so on. Watch Goldy Locks' episode on 'Call in the Cheapskates' to see if this family is ready for the wisdom she imparts. Or if they'll revert back to their frivolously spending ways!

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