TAELER: Knockouts Tag Team Titles Are On The Line At Sacrifice

In less than a week IMPACT Wrestling Stars will be walking into their next biggest opportunity of 2021. And with that, one questions looms over all others: who is prepared to sacrifice the most? On Saturday March 13th, IMPACT Wrestling will host its next 2021 PPV - Sacrifice. The PPV boasts several high profile matches that could result in titles changing hands. From the X-Division Title, to the Men's Tag Team Titles and even the Knockouts Championship Title. Amongst those are the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles…

In 2020 we saw the very best Knockouts in IMPACT Wrestling compete for the opportunity to win the brand new IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Revamped. Renewed. A birth if you will and out of all the teams only one would win - Fire & Flava. Up and coming IMPACT Knockouts Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan together rose through the ranks to ultimately defeat every single other Tag Team in the bracketed tournament. At IMPACT Wrestling's Hard to Kill PPV, they became the first to hold the brand new titles. Titles bestowed onto them by former Knockouts Champions in their own right, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

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Fire & Flava have since staved off the competition, all of whom have been itching to get their hands on the duo. All vying for the opportunity take the belts for themselves. After successfully defeating The Killer Death Machines and the team of Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and the Vroen Jewel Kimber Lee, Fire & Flava have been riding high taking shots at others and taking names. At Sacrifice, that air of untouchable, that confidence, and that streak could very well come to end as Steelz and Hogan take on Jazz and Jordynne Grace.

Now if there's an existing Knockouts Tag Team that could and should prove threatening to the current Champs, it would be Jazz and Jordynne Grace. Prior to their loss in the tournament, the combination of Jazz and Jordynne Grace was extremely dominant. Since honing their teamwork together, they've been nearly unstoppable. The two possess such versatile style built on a power based moveset and quick agile footwork as well as some highflying capabilities. The veteran experience of Jazz in conjunction with the hungry passion of the former Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace has cultivated quite the impressive in ring chemistry. Equating to an opportunity of a lifetime for Jordynne Grace.

Walking into Sacrifice Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan will need a gameplan. A strategy that they can adapt to on the fly as the match evolves. In my opinion, a potentially valuable tactic I'd use if I were in the shoes of the Champions, is cutting off the ring. Isolate Jordynne Grace subsequently keeping her away from Jazz. Keeping Grace away from her own corner and constantly on defense drastically alters the favor…

Quick tags to keep my partner and I fresh. Pick a body part, and wear it down. With Jordynne Grace having a particularly versatile in ring style, I'd choose her legs. A lot of her power comes from her legs. Her explosive movements. Her agile fluid footwork and effortless transitions would all be impacted. By using that target the Champions would thus limit Grace's mobility, her speed, her power. Leaving control in the hands of the Champions. The ability for mind games and beating your opponent mentally would come into play here. Upon cutting off the ring, you'll create key moments in time to antagonize Jazz. Her wanting to help Jordynne will lead to interference and an opportunity to take advantage. Although, I'd still be wary of Grace's mat wrestling of which she's very well versed…

On the part of the challengers, I think the tactics should be similar, but more to the point of mindfulness. The Champions have shown a distinct propensity towards the phrase "by any means necessary." They are not above using untoward or illegal measures in order to gain the desired result. In this case leaving Sacrifice with their belts still around their waists. This is a strategy that's often chosen by the Knockouts Champion as well, The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo, of whom has had her fill of Jordynne Grace. So in ring awareness and keeping the Champions grounded without the ability to outmaneuver Jazz and Jordynne Grace will serve the challengers best as they approach IMPACT Wrestling's Sacrifice PPV.

Who will come out victorious? Whose strategy will reign supreme in the pursuit of those coveted IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles? Will we see new Knockouts Tag Team Champions crowned? Will Jazz's retirement tour lead her and Jordynne to championship gold? Tune in the IMPACT Wrestling's Sacrifice PPV live on Saturday March 13th on the IMPACT Plus App.

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