TAELER: Tay Conti Continues To Rise: AEW Labels Her 'Wrestler of the Week'

Dating back to her WWE NXT days, it was clear in my mind, that Tay Conti was immensely talented - and not just limited to Judo. While relatively early in her Pro Wrestling career she's already shown a dedicated work ethic that is seldom matched resulting in an incredible versatility as well as passion. Tay Conti has earned herself a home and her own valuable spot within the AEW Women's Division. A spot that I can see, one day very soon, supplanting itself at the top of the division, holding championship gold. Her intrinsic value as a superstar in this industry has been on the rise and has seen new heights ever since joining the Dark Order alongside BFF Anna Jay. A forward momentum that is recognized with her being named Wrestler of the Week by AEW.

Forgive my symbolism but do bear with me as my words come together with how I view Tay Conti and her impressive journey from WWE to AEW. Ever since signing with AEW, in my opinion, Tay Conti has subliminally taken on the appearance of a phoenix. She's risen from the ashes of a prior dream. She picked herself back up and instead of being defeated, she chose to believe in herself despite the circumstances. She faced adversity and she overcame. She reevaluated what her circumstances were and what they should stand for on her own terms.

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In doing so, her passion was reignited. From the ashes of a prior Tay Conti her career was reborn. Her value as a superstar was repackaged and reintroduced. With renewed vision, there became a clear essence of Tay Conti's own unique authenticity which began to highlight all that she was always capable of. A smarter more hungry and a singularly focused version of whom she was but needed to become in order to succeed and reach her fullest potential while she was blessed enough to do so. Thus the Tay Conti you see gracing your timelines and T.V. screens within the AEW brand.

With AEW putting much deserved faith in Tay Conti, we've seen her grow as a formidable competitor. Her win loss records improved drastically. Her in ring work has been stellar. Her attitude above reproach. She's now a top performer within the AEW brand as well as in their Women's Division. Rising to take on every adversary, obstacle, challenge, and opportunity to reach new heights and level up her experience. Her energy is contagious. Her matches exciting. In my opinion, a great get by AEW that for lack of a better phrase, I myself would have grabbed had I been in their shoes...

From squaring off with the AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida to her challenging the NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb for the NWA World Women's Title. Add to that her impeccable performance in the American brackets of the AEW Women's Elimination Tournament and again recently her match against AEW hopeful Ray-Lyn on AEW Dark: Elevation. Undoubtedly, Tay Conti is headed for championship gold one way or another and Wrestler of the Week is just another accomplishment to add to her already impressive resume. She's definitely earned Wrestler of the Week and her talent has not gone unnoticed or appreciated by AEW and their fans.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tay Conti wearing an AEW Championship Title within the year. Whether the coveted AEW Women's Championship Title currently held by Hikaru Shida, or if AEW makes moves to add AEW Women's Tag Team Titles…?! I could see her and Anna Jay of the Dark Order doing battle with the Tag Team Cup Winners Ivelisse Velez and Diamante over those fictitious but nonetheless potential titles. Which in my opinion, would prove to be must see T.V. representing the ever-growing AEW Women's Division. Not to mention the potential of crossover with the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions, or against the current Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo both of whom have expressed their interest in crossing the threshold of the 'forbidden door,' referencing the working relationship between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling. A relationship that has yet to extend to the respective Women's Divisions. With that projection put out there to the Internet Wrestling Community and faithful Fightful.com Readers, I say cheers to Tay Conti and continuing to see her crushing major goals! Wrestler of the Week from AEW is only the beginning for this Brazilian Badass! Congratulations Tay Conti!

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