TAELER: Team KLR or Team Meiko: NXT UK Announces Women's Championship Bout

WWE NXT UK took to their Twitter to announce a huge championship bout as it relates to the NXT UK Women's Title. In less than two short weeks the self-proclaimed NXT UK Forever Champion, Kay Lee Ray will go one on one against the Joshi Veteran The Final Boss, Meiko Satomura. After the latest riveting episode of NXT UK, I think it is safe to say that respect between the two WWE NXT UK Superstars has gone out the proverbial window and with good reason. With the growing angst and unrest brought about by the lack of competition due to the pandemic shutdowns and restrictions, NXT UK Superstars are bringing the heat and making up for lost time. And this paradigm shift is certainly underscored in the rivalry between The Scary Queen of Scots and the rest of the competitors in the NXT UK Women's Division.

In less than two weeks KLR will be going up against one of her toughest opponents to date. A fact she doesn't seem phased by in the least. In the latest promo package from NXT UK that highlighted this bout, The NXT UK Champion admits that although Meiko Satomura may be 'The Final Boss,' she's never beat KLR, and that respect and shaking hands got her no where. The expertly aimed jab did exactly what KLR had intended, it hit its mark on Meiko Satomura who now insists that any respect she had for the NXT UK Women's Champion is now immeasurable - completely and wholeheartedly gone...

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Will Kay Lee Ray do what most view as impossible, and beat Meiko Satomura for a second time ensuring the continuation of her extensive NXT UK Championship run? Or will we see KLR's historic WWE record-breaking reign come to an end? With a mounting 635+ day reign as it stands today be at stake? Will Satomura prove to be too steep a mountain for KLR to successfully traverse and defeat twice? Boasting almost a quarter of a century's worth of Pro Wrestling experience flowing through her veins, will Meiko Satomura's veteran eyes spot a key weakness in the NXT UK Women's Champion to ultimately bring down The Scary Queen of Scots?

So much is riding on this featured championship bout for both competitors with emotions running higher and hotter than their previous encounter, one has to wonder what role that disrespect from KLR will play in the outcome… An edge over Meiko? Or the precursor to Kay Lee Ray's own downfall? A historic title reign goes up against an insulted veteran determined to teach the young champion a key lasting life-lesson. It all goes down in less than two weeks. It won't be long before the NXT UK Women's Division chooses sides for their own interests in this championship match. Tune in to NXT UK as the WWE Universe also chooses sides between the NXT UK Women's Champion, The Scary Queen of Scots, The NXT UK Forever Champion, Team KLR and the Joshi Veteran, The Final Boss, Team Meiko for the NXT UK Women's Championship… Mark your calendars and let the countdown begin!

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