TAELER: WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman Set To Debut New Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman is preparing to debut his brand new podcast called, "Pro Wrestling 4 Life." His podcast "Pro Wrestling 4 Life" with co host Nick Hausman promises to celebrate the industry in which DX/NWO Member Sean Waltman made his home. Reading his interview in Sports Illustrated, I was quite honestly in complete awe of Waltman's humble voice and articulate vision of his future as it pertains to Pro Wrestling. A veteran of this industry who isn't bitter but rather wants to see it get better, as well as wanting to still go but at the same time not wanting to take away from up and coming guys is such a refreshing attitude. I had to smile while reading the interview. Impressive and nothing but respect.

Sean Waltman broke into Pro Wrestling at a time that's a world a part from the industry as we know and see today. The 90's era of Pro Wrestling was a beast of a totally different nature. Probably would have been canceled if it debuted today as it was then, if we're being honest… No TikTok. No Cameo or CelebVM. No Youtube Channels. No cellphones with cameras. The rush of developing your photos at a drugstore was still in full swing. Gas was less than a dollar a gallon at the pump. Going to your grocery store to pick up your latest PWI Magazine.Got Milk commercials. Getting heat on the mic was encouraged. Sign after sign littering the background of your T.V. screen as millions tuned in weekly for Pro Wrestling. At one point during Waltman's tenure, the WWF was actually beating the NFL in ratings and viewership if you can imagine that. Like a said, a totally different beast.

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Sean Waltman as 1 2 3 Kid, was at that time, a representation of the newer generation inspiring the next generation to feel that they too could be Pro Wrestlers someday. His hybrid style of martial arts, quick agile movements, and high-flying mix was refreshing and new. As I think on his style, and his journey in the business, it's abundantly apparent how skilled Sean Waltman actually was and still is. Immensely versatile and passionate. He had insanely memorable matches that still hold up. I immediately think of 1 2 3 Kid versus Bret Hart. Syxx versus Dean Malenko. King of the Ring 1994, 1 2 3 Kid versus Owen Hart. 1 2 3 Kid versus Razor Ramon - Hey Yo, I could talk wrestling all day…
When I was preparing for my No DQ ROH Match versus Mandy Leon in December 2016, I searched for as much material as I could to study in detail. A match I repeatedly found myself drawn to, re-watching over and over was in fact SYXX versus Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder Match for WCW US Title from WCW Souled Out 1997. Almost twenty years later. That's pure excellence to be able to transcend several decades in any industry, Pro Wrestling included. Mind-blowing to think of how these men were so ground breaking especially upon the influx of talent in 2000. The talent, psychology, athleticism, passion, and charisma oozing out of every performance.

Unlike psychology, equal parts: charisma, talent, and passion cannot be taught. You either possess them or you don't. Skill can be taught and honed. You can study a craft to build upon skill becoming more knowledgeable. But, charisma, pure talent and passion are innate. Inside of you. In my opinion, Sean Waltman is an impeccable example of a trailblazer who overcame the odds in order to fulfill a dream. Revolutionary as he helped usher in a new style just by being himself as a talent. Sean Waltman proves that there's no substitute for passion and hard work. Dedication leading to a level of pure excellence that although awesome, does come at a cost. A sacrifice. No dream worth achieving is easily gained and through Sean Waltman's interview, you can feel the acceptance of mistakes in order to learn and grow as a person. Through his own words, he conveyed in my opinion, the very sentiments behind the saying that: you are allowed to be both a work in progress and an inspiration to others.

As I've previously said, no story worth reading is all ups. That's boring. Life doesn't work that way for most. What turns the pages are the twists and turns. The failures that led the main character to grow. Hitting rock bottom and feeling so low that you couldn't possibly be kicked any lower. Only to dig even deeper and realize that rock bottom is the perfect place upon which to build the new solid foundation holding up the new you and your new life. A forward progression until the main character's growth is so that he is a doppelgänger of himself. A better - stronger - smarter more resilient version of himself, and that to me is Sean Waltman.

Whether you know him as Sean Waltman - XPac - 1 2 3 Kid - or SYXX, by whichever gimmick you know and recognize, you have to give credit where its due. He is one of those people whose passion and excitement for the industry is contagious. I have a feeling that his new podcast, Pro Wrestling 4 Life with co host Nick Hausman will be revealing some intrinsically valuable nuggets of wisdom packaged with a renewed outlook for Pro Wrestling that's still applicable today even with the new landscape of the industry. Laughs aplenty will definitely be shared. Be on the lookout for WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman and Nick Hausman on their brand new podcast, Pro Wrestling 4 Life debuting on all major podcast platforms including iTunes starting April 1st and airing weekly every Thursday. Talks with Taeler Hendrix anyone?

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