Teddy Hart Reveals Why He Never Went To Lucha Underground

Teddy Hart recently spoke to Wrestling Epicenter on Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

On why we saw Teddy on WSX but never Lucha Underground: 
"That was probably my own fault. I was going through a divorce and there were some charges that were involved with that. Most of it was bullshit. I can't stop someone from charging me. What I can do is hire a lawyer and take it to the court and if I'm guilty, I'm going to jail. If I'm innocent, I'll be acquitted. That time, I was acquitted of all charges. I couldn't be there the way that I wanted and the people that were running it, it was a new show, if your lifestyle was a problem or could come back to haunt them, they weren't going to use you. That was probably my own fault. I would love to get on Lucha Underground. I thought that show was unbelievable. I'm glad it got as many seasons as it did. I hope it gets another season." 

On the Lucha Underground presentation: 
"I think AEW is going to be like that I think MLW has a pretty cool outlook on wrestling. There rules for success are a little different from how other companies do stuff. They've become this new company that has got big balls and are not afraid to book certain guys and let them run with the ball. That is the thing with Teddy Hart. I always wanted to do stuff but maybe the interpretations of my attitude. Some of that was my fault. But, I think a lot of that was smoke and mirrors. A lot of guys who are my friends stick up for me. It seems to me the MLW fans have noticed my efforts. I say this to anyone that asks - I get paid nothing extra to do all that crazy stuff. It is just my respect for the wrestling fans that I felt they deserved to get more. I risk my life for your smile and also to call out the other guys in the business to do more. If a 40 year old man like me is doing this stuff clean at 40, and more people are getting to see what I do than ever before based on how the Internet works and the fact that MLW is on TV... This is the first time that I've been on national TV in the United States. So far, so good. I've gotten to live the dreams I never thought I would. I've got to have a belt, two belts now. I get to be with my cousin (Davey Boy Smith Jr). So, that is a dream come true." 

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