Tim Storm Likens Joe Exotic To That Neighbor You Say 'I Never Saw That Coming' About

Pro wrestling will always be attracted to the exotic, Joe Exotic in this case.

The subject of the Tiger King documentary on Netflix was connected to many fields, including country music and murder-for-hire plotting. Of course, it's only natural that professional wrestling would fall somewhere in between.

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Joe Exotic helped promote NWA Texoma Wrestling, with some shows actually taking place at his zoo. One such competitor to take part in these shows was former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm.

Speaking with Dave Lagana in an interview, which you can see embedded above, Tim Storm recalls the environment of some of those events and his perception of Joe Exotic now looking back on it with all of the new details that have been revealed.

“The first show we did, I think, was in his parking lot, which, you know, again, maybe twenty-five fans,” Tim began. “The second show we did was inside the compound. Summertime. Horrible heat outside. I think one time we dressed in a trailer, which now, again watching the documentary, probably not the perfect place to be because a lot of things happened inside those trailers that I would never have thought about. The other time, who knows where we dressed. Maybe a tent that was set up."

He continued, "and again, I want to kind of frame it with the motivation, which was. Would we, some very talented wrestlers, and again, I'm not a lot we get paid to do it, but would we be willing to come out to a fundraiser to raise money to feed these saved animals? You know, for somebody that's an animal lover, that's hard to say no to. Some of it was good, really good. Some of those matches were decent quality matches. I know on one particular day. After the show, I believe, [we] changed clothes and we toured the animal park after hours. I am absolutely enthralled with the power and the size of a tiger or a lion. So that was very cool to me. And. You got to do some things that probably, you know, as far as with the animals that bit a lot of people wouldn't be able to do on a regular tour. You know, open up the wolf, you know, part and go in and hang out with wolves, which were as friendly as dogs, by the way. I mean, it was great. But, you know, again, experiences that most people don't get to have. And I appreciate it. You know, looking back now and looking at some of the stuff that's out there, I'm like, okay, that's creepy and weird. And maybe I shouldn't have. But again, it's that neighbor that you go, 'I never saw that coming.’”

The NWA is currently suspending all of its events through May because of the current climate with the Coronavirus pandemic.

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