Tim Storm Talks About His Future In Wrestling Outside Of The Ring, Working Heel At School

Tim Storm wants to pass down everything he's learnt in the wrestling business.

Speaking with Wrestling Headlines, the former-NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion claimed that the men and women working today don't have the luxury of learning from veterans in the same fashion that he did and doesn't want to see all of the knowledge he's amassed over the years lost once he retires from the ring. Storm wants to remain involved, whether it be as a producer, agent, or something else when that time eventually comes.

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“You know I’m at a point in my career that I’m not done, I’m not done in the ring. I don’t have a timetable. I don’t know when that is going to happen but I also have always said that I never want to be that guy that stays too long and embarrasses himself or the business. That’s a fine line but here’s where I’m at today in the business and I’m trying to do that in other places…it’s passing on that knowledge. Same thing that people did for me, and one of the ways this business has changed, not necessarily in a positive way, is we don’t have those opportunities to get in a car with veterans and drive six hours and listen and be quiet. That’s how you build your knowledge base. We don’t have that anymore. I got that opportunity with some great guys that I respect. Now what I’ve got left, I want to continue telling good stories in the ring, I want to be involved when it’s time to step away from in-ring. I want to stay involved whether that’s on the production side, the agent side, something. Because whatever knowledge I’ve got that was handed down to me I want to give to somebody else, and I think that’s the right thing to do in the business. I’m passionate about the wrestling. I don’t want it to be gone. I wish I could wrestle forever, I can’t, but when that’s gone I still am passionate enough about it that I want to be involved.”

Imparting knowledge is nothing out of the ordinary for Storm, however, as he also works as a Junior High school teacher. He joked about working heel in the classroom and not having to deal with many behavioural issues. 

“I don’t have a lot of discipline problems. I’ve made the joke a lot that I work heel as a teacher. When you’re truly passionate about something, whatever that is, you know you said you were a theatre rat. If you’re in the middle of a soliloquy, or a presentation and the crowd, you can feel it in the room, right? You know if they’re listening or if they’re into it. That’s the way with promos, sometimes it’s that way in school. Sometimes it’s not. I use the Tim Storm heel look in class. We wear masks all the time…it really takes away about half of my intimidation because they can only see my eyes. I can get their attention if I need to.”

NWA Powerrr hasn't taped new episodes since the pandemic began and there were even rumors that NWA President Billy Corgan was looking to sell the company. Corgan shot down those rumors, with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis even stating the company would be returning at some point. No timeline is currently available.

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