TJP Says Impact Is Positive, And Not The Same As It Was A Few Years Ago

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP was interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see the full interview at this link, and check out highlights above.

His experience backstage at the Impact TV tapings:
"Everything was positive in that it is and it isn't (the same place he left a few years ago). The roster is still a hell of a roster. I might say this might be the best roster that they have ever had in terms of the amount of talent and the talent that they have. There is so much diversity but there is so much unity. There used to be so many tiers of the type of guy in the locker room. Now, everybody, basically, is all in one room! Everyone is all together and there is no separation. So, as much as you have all this talent from all over and they're all so talented, there is no separation there. That was (Impact) a company I was kind of like the R2D2 of in seeing the backstage of it through the years. I was there in the early days, the middle days, the later days. I've seen all the transitions and this is by far the most talented locker room they've ever had but they're all together. That is very refreshing. And, the administration is very approachable, very flexible, and very encouraging. That is different than it used to be and a pleasant surprise. It was really cool to see it." 

On working with Ace Austin at the Impact tapings: 
"It is not really that I want to work with guys who can get something from working with me. I guess more so, I want to work with guys that I can help get something out of themselves. I don't hold myself in such... If I could say something selfish, I think I have at least reached a point to where I can do that. He's the type of guy that cna do that. He's young, he's talented, he's got a really bright future. I can see the type of things that go through his head because of his age. But, he's got great composure. He's going to be really good. I'm glad to be able to get in the ring with him at this stage because, hopefully, it helps him.

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