Welcome to the viewing party for Bound For Glory! Tonight is TNA's version of Wrestlemania and it shows as the card is stacked! In our main event we have Lashley defending his TNA World title against EC3, a grudge match between Moose and Mike Bennett and let's not forget The Great War as The Hardy's challenge Decay for their TNA World Tag Team titles! We also have the knockouts in action as well as the crowning of the first TNA Grand Champion!

If this really is the final act of TNA as a promotion it looks like they're going to go out with a bang!

ROH TV Title Match Booked For Upcoming Episode Of Ring of Honor Television

-We open with Matt and Maxel playing piano then Matt tells him a bedtime story about The Great War; this is so cute.

DJ Z vs Trevor Lee X-Division Championship Match

They lock up then Lee puts a side headlock on Z, trying to keep the high flyer grounded. Lee goes to the outside as soon as Z counters him. Lee gets back in and hits Z with a series of uppercuts then Z hits hi with a rolling step up enzugiri. Z gets a quick 2 count, Lee going for a german suplex, but he's countered with an arm drag that sends him to the outside. Z baseball slides into Lee then gets him back into the ring. Z wanted to springboard into the ring, but the referee was in the way. Lee knocks Z off the apron then hits him with a big boot on the apron. Lee gets Z back into the ring for a quick 2 count then goes for a move off the second rope, but Z hits him with a flapjack. Z goes to the top rope, but Lee meets him. Z hits a springboard huricanrrana off the top rope then hits a running back elbow and a clothesline. Z hits a springboard back elbow then goes for the ZDT, but Lee rolls out of the ring. Z dives out onto Lee in the ring then Lee dives out after Z; didn't expect that. Z does it again then tosses Lee back into the ring, Lee hitting the collision course, but can only get a 2 count. Z hits a reverse huricanrrana then Lee hits a german suplex for a close 2 count. Z hits a really cool double foot move, think a two footed Eat Defeat then Lee gets a quick 2 count off of a neckbreaker. Z hits a destroyer then ZDT for the pin and the win. Good match to start off the night.

Winner: DJ Z via pinfall with the ZDT

-We have a video for Lashley and EC3 coming in the arena earlier today. We then have Drew Galloway interviewed in the back. Drew says he doesn't feel very good and he was close to needing surgery. He says he loves proving people wrong. Drew asked management to fight and they said he was a liability and that he chose to fight and they said no. He mentions Billy Corgan and says the only reason Billy is buying TNA is because he gets him. 

10 Man Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match

Rockstar Spud and Jesse Godderz starts it off. Spud getting the advantage early, but Jesse is too strong and he just bench presses Spud, until he's hit low that is. Braxton Sutter comes out next and he and Spud exchange right hands in the center of the ring. Sutter hits a powerslam on Spud as he and Jesse try to get him over the top rope. Spud tries a double clothesline, but falls down himself. Eli Drake comes out to a huge pop next. Drake is almost eliminated immediately, but he gets back in. Sutter is eliminated as Spud and Drake try to eliminate Jesse. Robbie E comes out next to even up the odds. Robbie tries to eliminate Jesse who doesn't take that very well. Baron Dax comes out next as the heels are winning the numbers game right now. Grado comes out next to a big pop, that's just weird. Grado dances out to the ring, taking his time; I expect him to be eliminated almost immediately and yes he is. Basile Baraka is next and next to be eliminated. Tyrus comes out next as we see Robbie E eliminated then Baron Dax. Tyrus eliminates Spud who wanted to form an alliance then Mahabali Shira comes out last. Tyrus and Shira face off in the centerand exchange strikes before Shira goes for a powerslam, interrupted by Eli Drake who eliminates him. Drake is hanging on by his feet with his head against the floor, but he's not eliminated as Tyrus hits a powerslam on Jesse before sending him over the top rope.Jesse hits a springboard elbow and drops Tyrus then tries to eliminate him. Drake comes back in and watches them before eliminating both of them; that was so predictable it's sad.

Winner: Eli Drake

-Robert Irvine is interviewed backstage about his wife before they're interrupted by Maria and Mike Bennett. Robert says they're in for a bad night before leaving. Mike talks about Moose then leaves as we get a video package for how we got to this point with Mike Bennett and Moose.

Mike Bennett vs Moose

-Some random football team comes out for Moose's entrance, Moose wearing shoulder pads before taking them off. 

Mike runs around the outside of the ring, Moose giving chase then attacks him as soon as they get back in the ring. Mike hits Moose with a series of strikes, but he's negated immediately with a perfect dropkick from Moose. Moose goes to the outside then Mike dives over the top rope onto him before driving his face into a series of chairs ringside. Moose catches Mike coming off the apron and throws him into the ring post. Moose runs at Mike, but he's back dropped onto the stairs then Mike rolls him into the ring for a quick 2 count. Mike follows up with a series of basement dropkicks then chops him in the corner, mocking him before Moose turns him around and chops him. Moose runs the ropes, but Mike takes out his knee for a quick 2 count. Mike focuses on Moose's knee, applying a kneebar, but Moose gets to the ropes. Mike goes for a suplex, but Moose is too strong so he just kicks him in the knee. Moose hits a powerbomb then a senton for a close 2 count. Moose goes for a discus lariat, but Mike ducks then Moose hits a clothesline that drops Mike for a quick 2 count. Moose goes for Go To Hell, but Mike counters and hits a DDT then a piledriver for a close 2 count. 

They exchange right hands and forearms, Mike going for a cutter, but Moose counters then Moose goes for a splash, but Mike hits a cutter out of no where for a close 2 count. Mike goes for the M.I.P. but Moose counters with Go To Hell. Moose hits the Game Changer for the pin and the win. Good match by these guys all things considered.

Winner: Moose via pinfall with the Game Changer

-We have Aron Rex interviewed in the back about becoming the IMPACT Grand Champion. He says tonight is about proving to himself that he is a champion and that he has a huge opportunity and he plans to become a part of history.

Eddie Edwards vs Aron Rex IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

They lock up for a clean break, the rounds now 5 minutes so there's a lot more time for a slow start; which they do, the first few minutes exchanging wrist locks until Eddie hits a dropkick then chops Rex in the corner. Eddie hits a series of kicks then a huricanrrana as we are under 3 minutes. Rex hits a russian leg sweep then elbows for a quick 2 count. Eddie hits a step up enzugiri sending Rex to the outside. Eddie dives out after him, but he gets a forearm to the face for his troubles. Rex goes out again then Eddie dives out onto him by the judges. Eddie sends Rex back outside yet again then dives out after him, but Rex catches him and he hits the guardrail. We have 30 seconds left in the round as Eddie hits a missile dropkick to end the round with a quick 2 count. 

The judges score it 10-9 unanimous for Eddie Edwards.

Round 2

Rex is aggressive to start round 2, hitting a float over suplex for a quick 2 count then puts on a side headlock. Eddie drops him with a leg lariat for a quick 2 count of his own. Eddie chops Rex repeatedly then Rex ties Eddie's foot in the ropes before stomping on it, trying to ground Eddie, putting on an indian death lock as the lights go out. The match continues in the dark as the crowd chants to pay the light bill. It's hard to see what's going on, but they exchange forearms in the center as we are down to one minute left. The lights come back as Eddie comes off the top rope, but Rex puts on a reverse sharpshooter. Rex gets a quick 2 count to end the round.

The judges score it for Rex 10-9 unanimous.

Round 3

Rex is still aggressive then Eddie hits a codebreaker off the second rope for a very close 2 count. Eddie gets on the top rope, but Rex meets him. Rex gets a quick 2 count when Eddie can't get the double foot stomp then Eddie hits an enzugiri on Rex on the top rope. Rex pushes him off then hits a twisting neckbreaker for a quick 2 count. Eddie hits a sitout powerbomb for a quick 2 count of his own as we are under 1 minute left. Eddie misses a moonsault as Rex goes for the Revelator, Eddie dropping him with a clothesline. Eddie hits a shining wizard with 10 seconds left; this'll go to decision. 

Winner: Aron Rex via Split Decision

-Rex says he'll give Eddie a rematch anytime after the match.

Gail Kim TNA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Christy Hemme comes back to announce for Gail Kim's TNA Hall of Fame induction. Christy talks about the legacy of Gail Kim and thanks her for fighting for the women in TNA and for her commitment to building the division. Taryn Terrell comes out next, funny that the former Doll House leader is about to become a mother. Taryn talks about how Gail helped her get started and that she's the greatest female wrestler to have ever lived. Awesome Kong comes out next, wow didn't see that coming. Surprised they brought her back after firing her after nearly murdering Reby. Kong plays a face for once and talks about how Gail elevates her opponents and that she's so proud of her and she loves her; so much for kayfabe. Dixie comes out next to a chorus of boos because you know, she loves the spotlight. Dixie says the usual stuff, messes up her lines and introduces Gail Kim.  They play a video recapping her career, dating back to 2007 when she became the first Knockouts champion. Billy Corgan talks about her as well as Madison Rayne and Josh Matthews then some producer, Jade and Al Snow.

A series of stats come up including five time Knockouts champion and her 17 year career. Gail gets on the mic and says that this moment is everything to her; I'm totally expecting Maria to crash the party. Gail says she'd never take back anything or change anything and that everything happens for a reason in life and that without the lows of her career the success wouldn't be as satisfying. Gail says wrestling exposed her every insecurity, but it gave her so many great characteristics. Gail thanks a multitude of people including the people who trained her, the crew and the production, all the guys in the back, the people who were there in the beginning, Dixie, Dutch and Jeff Jarrett, her family and friends and to her step daughters and god daughter and her husband. She thanks Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Victoria, Jazz, the knockouts division; saying Molly is the reason she is in the business and that she taught her to be a good person. Lastly she thanks the fans and the company. 

-They give Gail a watch, supposed to be a Rolex apparently as everyone leaves the ring.

-We get a video package for The Great War which is up next.

The Great War Matt and Jeff Hardy vs Decay for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

We open with Reby playing piano in a victorian style dress as Matt comes out to a big pop. Jeff comes out next to a huge pop and leans over the piano and starts singing his theme, well the hook of it as he makes his way down the ramp. Reby is a great pianist, who knew she was that talented. The impact zone fills with the chant of Delete as Reby joins Brother Nero and Broken Matt in the ring. Decay come out next to a classic Marilyn Manson song.

All three members of Decay spray red mist in the face of Reby as Matt handles Steve on the outside then Jeff takes out Abyss. Matt gets Steve back in the ring as Reby is taken to the back. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Rosemary grabs Matt's leg then puts a table in the ring. Abyss chokes Jeff on the outside as Steve  and Rosemary go to suplex Matt through the table at ringside. Rosemary tosses in a trash can and Steve hits Matt in the back with it. Steve sets a trash can on Matt then Rosemary hits a coast to coast missile dropkick into Matt. Steve and Matt go outside as Abyss and Jeff are back in the ring, Abyss trying to staple Jeff's head with a staple gun and he does. Matt attacks Abyss as Steve keeps Jeff grounded on the outside. Abyss and Matt go backstage as Abyss tosses Matt into a line of chairs. then into a trash can. Abyss takes out the referee and he and Matt go god knows where as Jeff drags Steve where there's all kinds of wood and ladders. Steve hits Jeff with a ladder asJeff crawls to a container that says the Lake of Reincarnation. Abyss and Matt fight out infront of the Universal Studios logo. Steve pours the bucket on Jeff who disappears, Abyss and Matt fighting in the parking lot. Jeff attacks him from the shadows as Matt and Abyss fight right next to the road. Jeff is in some kind of gimmick I've never seen before throwing water baloons as Abyss and Matt fight in the street and against a car.

Jeff hits Rosemary with a pumpkin and puts it on his head then spits mist in his eyes. Abyss and Matt fight in the parking lot again as Abyss backs Matt into a U-Haul over and over before choking him. Rosemary hands him the 2x4 with spikes then the guy who they stole the car from attacks them, but Rosemary stops him. Jeff turns into WIllow as Matt and Abyss fight on the back of a truck that's gong down the highway, Vanguard 1 getting in the way and misting Rosemary. Willow gets a close 2 count as Jeff and Steve are laughing, Willow coming back to the ring with Steve, bringing a ladder. Willow drives Jeff into the stairs then hits a cannonball. Matt and Abyss are fighting back in the arena as they come back to the ring as well. Abyss hits a suplex on the ramp to Matt as Jeff is back, dropping Steve with a baseball slide. Jeff hits Poetry in Motion then Matt hits the Twist of Fate, Jeff following up with a Swanton Bomb for a very close 2 count. Abyss brings out a few barbed wire boards, Matt dumping thumbtacks on the barbed wire, hitting a Side Effect then puts the other board on top of Abyss before hitting an elbow for a close 2 count. Reby comes back and powerbombs Rosemary through a table. 

Jeff uses EVIL's favorite move and puts a chair around Steve's neck then drives him into the ring post. Matt puts a chair around Steve and hits another Twist of Fate, setting up two tables and a huge ladder. Matt says they can indulge tonight and Jeff can do what he wants on ladders. Jeff hits a swanton off of the ladder onto Steve through two tables for the pin and the win. Happy for Matt and Jeff, great match all around and The Great War was very entertaining.

Winner: Broken Matt & Brother Nero via pinfall

-After the match Reby brings Maxel in the ring as Abyss takes Steve and Rosemary to the back. They then recap the night so far before the main event. Lashley is interviewed in the back about his match. Where is Cody and Brandi Rhodes? They're cleaning the ring up as the commentators talk about the Knockouts match.

Gail Kim vs Maria TNA Knockout's Championship Match

-Christy Hemme is the announcer for this one. Maria comes out with Allie as Maria says that she can't compete tonight and that her hand is still broken. Allie grabs the mic and says that the doctor said she was cleared to wrestle. Maria calls her stupid and says she's not competing tonight. Maria slaps Gail then runs around the outside as Maria hides behind Allie. Gail tosses Allie out of the way then knocks Kim down before putting her in the ring for a quick 2 count. Maria pounds on Gail in the corner until she pulls her to the mat by her hair for another quick 2 count. Maria hits a spinebuster for a quick 2 count then Mike Bennett comes out and tosses Maria the brace before trying to distract her. Maria hits Gail with the brace for a very close 2 count. Allie holds the brace and Maria tells her to give ito her. Allie tosses it in the ring, but Gail gets it and tosses it back out another side. Gail drops Maria and pounds on her with right hands. Gail puts a ring post figure four on Maria then flips her off before slapping her and hitting Eat Defeat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall with Eat Defeat

-After the match Mike checks on Maria and grabs a mic asking if she's okay and saying that's how it was supposed to happen tonight. Mike says the company has tried to screw him since the beginning, checking on Maria again and saying he's shutting the show down. Mike says no one can stop him as Cody comes out to a pretty big pop with Brandi. Cody stands face to face with Mike then Maria, but Brandi gets in her face, Maria slapping her. Brandi sends Maria to the outside as Cody and Mike brawl until Cody hits Beautiful Disaster sending Mike to the outside. 

Lashley vs EC3 TNA World Championship No Holds Barred Match

Lashley hits a spear before the match even starts as soon as EC3 is introduced. EC3 demands the bell rung then gets back in the ring as Lashley pounds on him with right hands and clubs to the back and neck before tossing EC33 out of the ring with ease. Lashley tosses EC3 back into the ring and drops him with a clothesline, but EC3 lands some chops. Lashley hits a snap suplex for a quick 2 count then goes for a gut wrench powerbomb, but EC3 slides out the back and drops Lashley with a clothes then sends him to the outside. EC3 dives out onto Lashley then hits a suplex on the floor before chopping him around the side of the ring then tossing him into the steps. Lashley goes up the ramp, but EC3 meets him, Lashley playing opposum and hitting a dominator on the ramp. Lashley tosses EC3 around with ease then puts him back into the ring. Lashley hits a neckbreaker then hits EC3 with a right hand before hitting a shoulder tackle in the corner. Lashley whips EC3 into a corner then hits him with a clothesline, EC3 hitting a dropkick then a fall away suplex. EC3 hits an improvised One Percenter for a quick 2 count then Lashley spears him out of no where for a close 2 count. EC3 goes for a guillotine choke, but Lashley powers up and drops EC3 over his back. EC3 gets a roll up for a quick 2 then a sitout powerbomb for another quick 2 count.

Lashley grabs his belt and brings it into the ring and goes to hit EC3, but he ducks and hits the TK3. They exchange strikes then EC3 hits a snap german suplex and spears Lashley for a close 2 count. EC3 then hits a TK3 on the steps, rolling Lashley back into the ring then gets on the top rope and hits a frog splash for a close 2 count. Lashley hits a third spear for a close 2 count of his own. Lashley grabs a chair and hits EC3 repeatedly with it in the back, following it up with a uranagi arm triangle choke. EC3 powers out of it and hits Lashley with a series of forearms and clotheslines before hitting a series of german suplxes. EC3 hits the One Percenter, but Lashley kicks out at the last second! EC3 hits Lashley with a chair then sits Lashley on the top rope. Lashley tosses him uoff then hits a spear off the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall

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