Tommy Dreamer Reveals IMPACT Wanted To Do A 'Who Is Trey's Father?' Storyline With Trey's Mom

In 2019, IMPACT Wrestling introduced Trey's mom to the fold as a love interest for Ace Austin. 

Austin took a liking to Trey's mom as a way to get under Trey's skin, and also because he's a sleazeball. The feud culminated with Austin defeating Trey, and retaining the IMPACT X-Division Title, at IMPACT Hard To Kill 2020. 

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Speaking on his House of Hardcore podcast, Tommy Dreamer revealed that IMPACT had other plans for where the storyline with Trey's mom was going. 

"You're [Ace Austin] hitting on Trey's mom and we wanted to go so far with this, but it got kind of sidetracked. My favorite part of the whole [angle] was, he knows you're a scumbag and he knows you just want to bang his mom. What I wanted to do, and we were all gungho for it, but it sucks because we're in this society and we have to be so careful in pro wrestling. Trey would get mad when anybody would hit on his mom. We wanted to make his mom and old school groupie or rat. She was super respectful to the younger generation and we wanted to have her come up to the older wrestlers. We wanted Trey to have a backstage like, 'Mom, let me introduce you to Tommy Dreamer.' 'Hi, nice to meet you. Trey, go to the car for a second.' Trey leaves and I'd be like, 'Hey, Ms. Miguel, how ya been? It's good to see you again. I haven't seen you since ECW. What was that, 1997?' We were going to do that with everybody and we were going to tell the story of Who Was Trey's Dad? We'd all be sweating it and she'd be like, 'He's not yours.' This was going to be our ongoing storyline and the last person was going to be D'Lo Brown and she was going to say, 'Yeah, Trey is your son' and D'Lo would do the headshake. That was the end of the angle. We couldn't do it. I wish it happened. Basically, we all had sex with Trey's mom," said Dreamer.

Trey's mom was played by Shelley West, an IMPACT employee who was listed as Sr. VP Global Partnerships for the company. 

Elsewhere during the interview, Dreamer revealed IMPACT had plans to put the World Title on Austin on two different occasions but plans changed. You can find Dreamer's full comments by clicking here

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