Top 10 Most Recognizable WWE Theme Songs

When WWE introduced theme songs as wrestlers make their way to ring, it  became an industry staple. It's at the point where if a wrestler doesn't have a unique theme song, that wrestler won't get as over with the fans as he could. 

Why Wrestling Entrance & Theme Songs Work

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Some of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history has had  WWE entrance theme songs that are so ingrained in fans' minds. You can perhaps play a five-second sample of the song and fans would immediately recognize who the wrestler is. When you hear that glass shatter, you know Stone Cold Steve Austin is coming down to whip some ass and drink beer. When you hear "If You Smeeeeeellllll..." you immediately think Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. When you hear that proud and confident "Woo!" your eyes immediately start to look for Ric Flair stylin' and profilin' down to the ring.

Even in today's WWE landscape, there are several theme songs that fit the bill and below. You'll see Fightful's Top 10 list of the most recognizable WWE theme songs today. 

Below we start counting down the list of great WWE songs, a few ground rules need to be established..

The Great Fightful WWE Song Checklist

1. Part-timer's theme songs are considered on this list. By part-timer, I also mean that they have to signed to WWE by the time of this writing. Chris Jericho is out due to him not being with WWE at this time.

2. Managers and on-screen authority figures who have an active role on television on WWE programming count. In this instance, Vince McMahon is also out. As for Triple H, while he uis no longer an authority figure on WWE television, he is still a part-time wrestler, He checks out on the first rule.

3. The songs on this list not only show how  recognizable they to wrestling fans, but also how recognizable it is to a non-wrestling audience. The more a wrestler's song is recognized by non-wrestling fans, the more likely that song will get a higher spot on the list.

Remember, all music is subjective. My list will probably look much different than yours or anyone else’s. If I missed one of your favorites, put it in the comments and let’s reminisce together!

10. Glorious Domination

Wrestler: Bobby Roode

Artist/Band: CFO$

Notes: The former NXT Champion has not been able to achieve the same level of in-ring success as some of his current main roster colleagues at this point. However, his theme song is a large reason he became an overnight success from the moment he appeared on NXT. From the moment Roode’s entrance music was revealed, fans would immediately flock together to sing the lyrics to the song. Homeage to the band Queen can be clearly heard. It’s a song befitting of the “Glorious!” chants, helping turn Roode from a heel in NXT to one of the more popular wrestlers on SmackDown Live. The song even helped get other NXT wrestlers get notoriety outside the ring. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampo would routinely make videos of them following Roode everywhere and blasting the song until Roode would acknowledge them. Whenever the song’s piano intro is played, all you can feel is an uplifting energy that you can only get from listening a choir band as Roode makes his way down the ring.

9. The Time Is Now

Wrestler: John Cena

Artist/Band: John Cena

Notes: Cena may not be everyone’s cup of tea as a professional wrestler or as the face of WWE for more than a decade, but one thing is certain: He’s the most popular wrestler in the post-Attitude Era. No other wrestler has elicited a stronger response of cheers or boos from the WWE Universe on such a consistent basis for years, so it stands to reason that his theme song carries that same notoriety. There is perhaps no song that best represents a wrestler than the theme song “The Time Is Now” for Cena and perhaps no wrestling theme song has represented the post-Attitude Era of WWE than Cena's song. The song even became a part of meme culture a few years ago, further cementing its status as one of the most recognizable wrestling songs today. For as much as Cena engages with the WWE Universe on a regular basis, his theme song has been to do the same in similar years to the point fans sing “John Cena suuuucks!” to the beat of  John Cena’s theme song, similar to how fans sing “You Suck!” whenever Kurt Angle’s theme song is played.


8. Medal

Wrestler: Kurt Angle

Artist/Band: Jim Johnston

Notes: When Kurt Angle was first announced to be the new General Manager of Monday Night RAW, it was only a matter of time before fans would get to hear Angle’s theme song and chant “You Suck!” to the tune of the song. Angle’s theme song is one of the more endearing and memorable songs from the Attitude Era and newer fans today still pop whenever the song plays. It carries the kind of pro-American beat and rhythm that fits the former WWE Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. It’s a song that pumps a crowd today, cementing its status as one of the most recognizable theme songs in WWE today, 20 years after the song first debuted.

7. Special Op/The Truth Reigns

Wrestler: Roman Reigns/The Shield  

Artist/Band: Jim Johnston

Notes: Whether you hate or you love him, Roman Reigns is one of the few superstars in WWE that has entered the company in recent years to have a theme song that elicits a strong response from fans. Part of the reason was that Reigns’ current song is essentially the same as the Shield’s theme song, the group Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose founded when the trio joined the company back in 2012, the difference being Reigns’ version does not carry the Shield’s military alphabet intro. Since the theme song are more or less the same, it wouldn’t be right to separate the song into two different entries. Regardless of how you perceive Reigns or the Shield as a stable, once you hear the intense and heavy intro, you instantly know that a war could be coming to the WWE ring very soon.

6. Here Comes The Money

Wrestler: Shane McMahon

Artist/Band: Jim Johnston

Notes: A couple of years ago, perhaps no fan in wrestling would think that Shane McMahon would return to WWE, even less would think that he would be arguably as popular as he ever would. When the opening line “Here Comes The Money” played on that fateful RAW in Detroit signaling Shane’s return to the company, the crowd became as loud as it possibly could. The song played a role as it’s a catchy tune about being a true boss with money, letting us as fans take a small peak into the life of a McMahon through its lyrics and beat. It’s a song that’s stood the test of time so far as well as the popularity of the on-screen character the song is used for today.

5. Next Big Thing

Wrestler: Brock Lesnar

Artist/Band: Jim Johnston

Notes: Just by looking at the title of the song, you already know everything you need to know about Lesnar and it would only be appropriate that his theme song be as savage and powerful as Lesnar. The moment the brief 5-second is played, not only do fans know that Lesnar is coming, but that someone will more than likely get viciously beat down. It’s a song that gets fans pumped up to see a fight, whether it would be in the ring or in the octagon. There’s nothing complex about this song because there’s nothing complex about Brock Lesnar. This theme signifies the arrival of a fighting machine and its association with the former UFC champion is a reason it’s so memorable.  

4. Crank It Up

Wrestler: Big Show

Artist/Band: Brand New Sin

Notes: Another wrestler whose theme song came into existence during the Attitude Era, Big Show’s song is certainly a popular song with people who were wrestling fans at the time. The song is simple, but it perfectly encompasses Big Show’s moniker as “The World’s Largest Athlete.” Even though Big Show’s career is winding down as he gets up there in age, his theme song largely remains one of the more iconic theme songs the company has had in years.

3. Flight of the Valkyries

Wrestler: Daniel Bryan

Artist/Band: Jim Johnston

Notes: Although his wrestling career may be over at the moment, Bryan’s presence within the company is still going strong thanks to his role as the general manager of SmackDown Live. As such, fans on Tuesday nights are still accustomed to “Flight of the Valkyries.” It’s the perfect theme song when coupled together with Bryan’s famous “Yes!” chants, which has even crossed over to mainstream sports. The song has helped Bryan become immensely popular in WWE and is the kind of song that can rally a group of people together for a common goal, similar to how Bryan has been able to rally the WWE Universe in his fight against the Authority in his last few years as an active in-ring competitor.

2. The Game and King of Kings

Wrestler: Triple H

Artist/Band: Motorhead

Notes: As great as Jim Johnston was at his job, there are a few exceptions where an artist or band not on WWE’s payroll has the perfect theme song for a wrestler. In this case, it’s two theme songs for one wrestler. Part of the reason for Triple H’s longstanding success is his association with legendary rock band Motorhead. The two songs closely associated with Triple H are “The Game” and “King of Kings,” two songs tailor-made for the multiple-time world champion. Whether it would be making an epic entrance with equally as epic entrance songs, as a wrestler at WrestleMania or walking his way down the ramp on RAW as an authority figure, wrestling and music fans in general will be able to rock out and get their blood pumping by listening to Motorhead’s themes for Triple H.

1. Rest In Peace

Wrestler: Undertaker

Artist/Band: Jim Johnston

Notes: As one of the biggest stars in WWE’s New Generation, Attitude and Ruthless Aggression, the Undertaker has perhaps the most strikingly atmospheric theme song in WWE history. The moment everyone hears that opening gong sound effect, the audience watching the show live or on television is now in shock and awe of what is to come: the slow, awesome walk of the Deadman as time seemingly stops. You don’t even need to be a wrestling fan to recognize Undertaker’s theme, which has had slight alterations over the past 25 years, but largely still remains the same, incredible song that fans have adored.


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