Total Bellas 10/25 Bella-Mania Season Finale!

It’s the season finale of Total Bellas!

Nikki is on her way to WrestleMania week! Nikki doesn’t want to get her hopes up on John Cena proposing. Nikki does her Fan Axxess event and you can tell that Nikki just adores her fans. Nikki doesn’t want to do a retirement speech because she feels like she will still want to come back with Brie down the line.  While at the WresleMania stadium, Nikki emphasizes that she doesn’t want this to be the end of her wrestling career.

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Brie is concerned that Bryan might miss the birth of their child if she goes into labor early while he is at WrestleMania. Bryan says they just need to keep a positive attitude.

At WrestleMania, J.J. and Kathy talk about how this could be it for Nikki and how bittersweet it is. Brie and her Nana along with Lauren watch WrestleMania from home.

It’s finally time for Nikki and John’s match. Nikki’s doctor told her to have limited moves but you can tell Nikki wants to do so much more. She then says it’s her life and career, it may be daring but she is going for it at WrestleMania. This was also the first time John Cena’s mom has seen him live in WWE. Nikki says that this match has been the match of her life. John and Nikki take the win. Then after the match, John grabs the microphone. John tells Nikki how proud he is of her. John then proposes to her in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania and of course, Nikki says yes. The ladies of the locker room give their congratulations backstage. Nikki has no words for how excited she is. Nikki says she didn’t expect him to propose and thought that when he was grabbing the microphone he was going to do a shout out to his mom. Nikki cries tears of joy talking about how happy she is. John says that he has been wanting to propose for a year and a half. John says that Nikki’s ring is custom with 4 ½ karats since that is the amount of years they have been together and four individual diamonds on each side.

At Brie and Bryan’s house, Brie is eight days overdue with Birdie and Brie is doing everything possible to induce labor herself. At the hospital, Brie gets medically induced and the hospital uses Pitocin to help get labor started. Nikki is there with them. After 5 hours of labor they speed things up. Brie gets in a water bath and is having bad contractions. Brie gets an epidural and she starts pushing. Brie has a hard time pushing out Birdie during labor. Things were not changing enough and the doctor told them it was time for a c-section. Birdie was delivered and was born very healthy. Brie and Bryan have adjusted to parenthood well and it’s a happy ending for both Nikki and Brie this season!

Next week is the premiere of Total Divas where we can see more of the Bella twins and their life post engagement and baby Birdie!

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