Total Bellas Recap (10/26): Is Nikki Bella Humble?

Does your significant other change you, or are you simply finding out who you’ve always wanted to be?

This episode talks non-stop about Brie being more conservative and different after she started dating Bryan. All of the Bella family found it necessary to say how different Brie has become, and how they miss “Brie Mode.” Brie is obviously insulted by all of this and says that this is who she has always wanted to be.

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Brie and Bryan have bought property in Phoenix. They want 4 bedrooms, but Nikki and her mom Kathy think they need 5, and more square footage. Is Nikki going to be living there? No. However, Nikki continuously butts into their plan for their house and Bryan finally gets tired of Nikki’s jabs. Bryan wants to raise their kids in a small setting and calls Nikki out on criticizing his choices. The argument gets heated, Bryan raises his voice to Nikki, and says she is not a humble person. This triggers Nikki and they end the conversation heated. However, the next day both apologize and move on.

Nikki talking about how her sister, and her desires, have changed is rich considering she is with a man (Cena) who will not give her the two things she has ALWAYS wanted: marriage and kids. This has been an ongoing issue with John and Nikki and even caused them to break up in 2013. It's not fair for her to criticize her sister when her relationship reflects the same issues except on a larger scale.

Bryan continues to fight depression, but he receives some awful news. Bryan’s personal doctor (not the WWE’s doctors) inform him that there is no way he can ever step into the ring again. This causes Bryan to fall further into depression, resulting in him deciding to leave the house and go back home. Brie is very concerned because she says that Bryan looked her straight in the eyes and told her he did not want her to come with him. He simply needs time alone. Being Nikki’s slave on a television show, in another man’s house with another man’s rules, cannot be the best environment to be in while fighting depression and mourning the loss of your career.

The only happy topic in the episode was that JJ and his wife Lauren announce at the weekly formal dinner that she is pregnant! This was only temporary relief from all the tension in the episode.

More talk amongst the Bella family about Brie being so different ensues while they are away at Kathy’s bachelorette party vacation. This is getting annoying for me, so I can only imagine how Brie feels. Her whole family is ganging up on her and Bryan’s relationship while they are going through legitimate issues. Not red wine being spilled on the white tablecloth issues, real world “my husband is clinically depressed and needs medication to treat his brain imbalance” issues. That makes the 4 or 5 bedroom and square footage debate seem ridiculous.

Nikki is wanting the old Brie back but at the same time wants her sister to be happy. From a viewer’s perspective, it seems like Nikki misses spending one on one time with her sister. Brie is legitimately going through an extremely tough time. She is dealing with her husband’s medical and psychological issues, trying to finish off her career strong, trying to help take care of Nikki while she is injured, and clean up Winston’s face after he pees by the pool and then drinks it. Did you have to kiss him on the mouth after that Brie? These Bellas and their dogs’ bowel issues…

Total Bellas continues to be more about the family's dramatic issues, and it looks like the hard times are only gearing up. Tune into Total Bellas Wednesday nights and let’s see what Winston decides to eat or drink next week!

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