Total Bellas Recap (11/9): Johnny Ace Ties The Knot!

The season finale is here already and it is time for a Bella wedding. Mama Bella that is! The time has come for Kathy’s wedding to John Laurinaitis and she couldn’t be more happy and radiant. There is a difference in the Bella twins attitude though due to Nikki’s thoughts towards Brie’s happiness. Will the Bella twins get over their drama so that Kathy can have a beautiful wedding?

Last week, we left off with Kathy visiting the doctor because she had found a lump on her breast a few weeks before. Kathy has an ultrasound of the area done and the doctor explains to her that it is actually a bulge from her implant that was placed and is not a concern. The family is very relieved. Brie flies in for the wedding and everyone is happy to have her back. Bryan’s doctor recommended that he stays home and did not travel for health reasons.

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The morning before the wedding Nikki takes Brie to go to some extra training with an MMA trainer to get some special spots down before her retirement match. Nikki expresses how important it is to her that Brie is happy and wants Brie to make that match as special as it can be since it will be her last. After the rehearsal dinner, Laurinaitis has some time to talk to Kathy and the kids and explains how much it means to him that he is part of their family. He was moved to tears by the family’s love and acceptance of him into their family.

Nikki, Brie, Lauren and a couple of their friends all have a talk the night before the wedding and Brie mentions the house that her and Daniel are having built. The conversation yet again moves to how Brie is not as happy as she could be and Nikki taking jabs at Daniel. Nikki doesn’t think that Daniel has been honest with Brie since the beginning of their relationship. The twins are upset with each other and have drama going into their mom’s wedding day.

Before the wedding, Nikki and Brie are still upset with each other and Nikki is being very insensitive to Daniel’s situation. At the core of it, Nikki is being selfish wanting to have Brie be the party girl she used to be and spend time with Nikki. However, Brie is in a different point in her life and just wants to be supportive of her husband without Nikki making her feel like crap for it. This entire season has been Nikki unsupportive of what Brie and Daniel are going through (again REAL issues) and Brie being understandably upset that Nikki is being so selfish. The two make up before the wedding starts, and Kathy and John have a beautiful ceremony. Brie returns home to Daniel and they go see his Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Daniel says that his headaches have improved as well as his sleep. In the meantime, Nikki sees her doctor about the progress of her neck. The news is great and they clear her to be a part of WrestleMania, as long as she does not compete in the ring.

For me, Total Bellas was a little too much drama for my liking. I will still watch future seasons, however, unlike Total Divas, I will not be rewatching any episodes. I was longing for more comedic relief from John Cena and Daniel Bryan who had provided it in early episodes and in Total Divas. I am looking forward to seeing what future seasons have to offer, hopefully more Winston.

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