Total Divas Recap 1/10: Three Alarm Fire

This week on Total Divas, Nattie is getting ready for the match of her career, and Nia is still trying to get lucky in love.

Nattie continues to have stage fright for her promos. She works with Trinity and a vocal coach to help with her promo work. She feels more confident after working with both.

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Nia is ready to find companionship. The Sex in the City party that Maryse is throwing is coming up and Nia goes dress shopping with Nikki and Brie. She feels confident in the outfits she tries on; however, she gets emotional because she is still scared of rejection. She sees how comfy Brie and Nikki are in their own skin and Nia still feels like the awkward one. Brie and Nikki help comfort her, and they head to the Sex in the City party. Nia invites the firefighter that she met at the mix and mingle on last week’s Divas to the party and he shows up. They continue to hit it off and Nia even tells the cameras not to follow them when she walks him out. The next day, Nia is on cloud nine, saying that she had a great night. Nia talks with the girls and they ask her if she googled him. She says no so Brie does google him and they find out the firefighter had a history in porn. Nia is a little bummed but laughs it off. She is just happy that the experience of the party has helped her gain some more confidence.

Brie is worried that the WWE Universe has forgotten her. She feels like because Nikki is still doing appearances and WWE hasn’t contacted her, that she has been forgotten. Nikki tells her to just go for it and to talk to Mark. Brie ends up doing just that and Mark says he does have some creative ideas, possibly for Royal Rumble. Brie is happy that she has been thought of and is ready to get back in the ring.

Nattie and Trinity have their match at SummerSlam for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, and Nattie takes the title from Trinity. Nattie is overjoyed and knows that her 15 years of hard work has payed off. Nattie is overwhelmed in the back and cries tears of joy.

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