Total Divas Recap (11/17): Maryse Goes At It With The Bellas

Total Divas is back and better than ever! With the addition of Lana, Renee and Maryse, this season is sure to be full of drama and fun. This episode features WrestleMania 32 week and how it affected each Superstar. There are mixed emotions from the women and lots of drama to go with it. Oh how I missed the cat fights!

Eva is happy to be back up on the main roster for WrestleMania, Brie is feeling bittersweet about it being her retirement match, and Lana is very nervous for the WrestleMania match to be her debut. I LOVE getting to see and hear Lana in her non Russian gimmick. She seems less uptight than her “full of herself” character and very down to earth. I am looking forward to seeing her and hopefully some of Rusev this season. Lana talked a lot about how nervous she was about her in ring debut, she is wanting to impress and not let anyone down. Especially her peers. Lana asks Nattie’s opinion about her ring attire because Lana doesn’t know how practical it is. Nattie is worried that Lana will focus too much on looking good rather than the actual match. Nattie even tells Lana “do not f*** this match up”.

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Renee is another new woman to the Total Divas lineup. Renee is dating Dean Ambrose and both were on a couple of episodes last season. The significant others of the Divas always entertain on this show.

Maryse is the last addition this season and seems like a handful. Right away she gets into a dramatic situation. Trinity, Eva, Nattie, Renee and Nattie are at dinner (Eva, I am pretty sure mayonnaise is not an ingredient in sushi). Maryse starts getting into a backstory on her relationship with the twins. Supposedly, a few years back the twins, Maryse and one other unknown girl were going into a new business deal together in the the company as a unit. Maryse claims that the twins backstabbed her and went on to benefit from the deal and Maryse got nothing. Maryse also claims that even though they were good friends and Brie even was her roommate, after the deal fell through for Maryse they stopped talking to her. Renee invited Maryse to a dinner with Brie to try and get them to squash the beef. When Brie confronted Maryse about it, Maryse talked in circles and Brie told her that it was business and that she never just ditched her and continued to try talking to her. Maryse got mad and left saying that she needed to go have a cocktail with her WONDERFUL husband. The twins and Maryse are sure to have more drama this season.

Brie is finally in her last week at the company and Daniel Bryan did not go to WrestleMania with her and you can tell she is really missing him. Brie vents to Nikki towards the end of the episode and Nikki once again makes everything about herself. Nikki says that she has it worse than Brie does since she doesn’t know if she can even wrestle again. Typical Nikki to not be understanding.

Trinity won’t shut up about how fried her hair is and how she needs it colored and styled. Paige offers to do her hair for her and Trinity agrees, even though Lana and the Usos tell her not to do it. Paige puts WAYYYYY too much bleach in her hair and then ends up cutting some of the back off. Trinity’s hair ends up being green and looks awful. She has to have it started again from scratch, but with it being WrestleMania week, the stylists are completely booked. She has to end up flying in her personal stylist to fix it. Lesson learned, don’t let Paige do your hair.

The episode ends with WrestleMania 32, the milestone of women being now known as Superstars rather than Divas and Brie’s retirement. I am so excited to see things to come this season! Keep an eye out for my recaps here on and tune into Total Divas on the E! Channel!

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