Total Divas Recap 11/30: A Big Flipping Deal

We start with Mike and Maryse and their dog peeing all over their floor. See, these are just normal people too!

Trinity and Mark talk and he offers her a spot in a movie since she is not going to be pushed creatively for a few weeks.  They offer her a spot in The Marine 5.

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Brie is two weeks late and has been taking home pregnancy tests.  She goes in for a blood test and is not pregnant this time. Apparently this was their first month trying and Brie is disappointed.  They are charting ovulation and are clearly trying really hard to get pregnant. Guys, you only have to start worrying about not getting pregnant until you have been trying over a year. Relax.

Eva Maria and Maryse are going to a party together and are making a day of it. Eva is impressed by Maryse’s house. (It is pretty badass.) Maryse reveals she likes to buy houses and flip them. 

Jon and Trinity go over The Marine 5 script and in the script Trinity’s character has to ride a bike. She feels pressure to really do the role and wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Maryse also has a passion for shelter dogs. She knows she cannot keep rescuing animals but wants to adopt another small dog and is going to take a small dog home no matter what Mike says. How many dogs do these people have?!

Brie is starting her “rockstar” weekend. She starts it off by sporting a thong bikini and flaunting it around the pool.

Maryse gets the dog right before her red carpet event and has not told Mike about it. Mike comes home early and she tries to hide the dog from him. I don’t know how long she thinks she can hide a dog from him.  Maryse manages to sneak the dog out with her to the red carpet event. The dog poops on the red carpet and Eva and Maryse have to act like they don’t know about it. After the event, Maryse goes to show Mike the dog.  Mike says he didn’t want any more animals. Seriously how many animals do these people have?! Their house is full!

Trinity goes to a biker shop to get into character.  Trinity literally takes her weave out to fit into the motorcycle helmet and then places the weave on Jon’s head.  Probably the best comedic moment of the episode.

Renee, Paige, Lana and the twins go to the Santa Monica beach for a photo shoot.  Brie wants to have a really sexy photo shoot while she has a hot body since she might not get it back after pregnancy. 

Jon surprises Trinity with a very small motorbike to help her work up to the motorcycle.  Trinity biffs it before he can even tell her how to ride it. Then she gets super over dramatic and gets mad saying how stupid it is and that she could have really got hurt.  Poor Jon was just trying to help her. She said she is just too anxious and one of her friends got badly injured on a motorcycle and she doesn’t think Jon is being serious about it and how stressed she is. 

Maryse is interested in buying a house to flip.  Mike doesn’t like it. There are literally shopping carts with chicken wing bones in the front yard.  The house is terrible and needs so much work. Not in a great area. Maryse says she is a realtor in California and knows it is a good buy. Then she reveals that she already bought it without his permission.  Yikes.  She paid 390,000 for it. In full.  Without talking to her husband.  She talked to her whole “team” and did not include her husband and now wants him to help her flip it. 

At dinner, they talk about getting tattoos, Renee and Brie are ready to do it.  Nikki tells Brie she can’t because Bryan would be upset.  Brie wants to live it up and she feels like Nikki is killing the mood and being more like her mom.  Brie calls her out and they leave the restaurant. Brie says Nikki knows that this was supposed to be her fun weekend. Nikki says that it won’t be that different after you have kids and that life is not over once you have kids.  She clearly does not have kids. (Life is not over but things are VERY different.)

 At dinner for Mike and Maryse it is not going well. He is about to leave to go shoot The Marine 5 and he is worried that Maryse is going to do a bunch of stuff without her telling him. He is worried she is spending too much money. Maryse is standing by her decision of buying the house.  He tells her that they need to have communication no matter what.  Maryse says that her dad disappeared when she was 15 and ended up dying of a heart attack while hiking.  She feels like she might do these things because he died suddenly. She tells Mike that she loves him and she won’t do it again. She apologizes to him.

Trinity talks with Jon and he feels like he is in trouble. He brings her flowers and wrote her an apology letter. He is going to go visit her on set and she is happy.  He is so supportive and she needs to believe in herself. 

Maryse’s sister and nephew come to visit and Maryse gives the new dog to her sister.  Mike is relieved and attempts to speak in French to Maryse’s family. He is either a little rusty or is not good at French at all.

Next week we finally get to see more of Paige- I’ve been waiting all season to see how her and Alberto came to be, and more drama with the Bella twins-which is getting a little old.  Nonetheless, it's fun drama that I look forward to every week! Catch Total Divas Wednesday nights on the E! Channel and keep a lookout for my recaps right here on!

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