Total Divas Recap 1/25 The Big Day

This week’s episode featured a wedding in Malibu and a Lunatic Fringe in Canada.

Wedding plans are in full force and Lana lets the girls know that she is wanting to surprise Rusev with live elephants at the wedding. Maryse immediately jumps down her throat and explains how terrible circus animals are treated, especially elephants.  Maryse makes a huge deal out of it, but it is not her wedding so she shouldn’t be judging. Especially with all the leather she wears. Lana gets defensive and Dana Brooke tells her to do what she wants, if she wants an elephant, get an elephant. 

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The brand split between Raw and Smackdown is looming and all the talent is stressed out wondering if they will be separated from significant others or friends. This is especially apparent in the couples.

Renee takes Dean up to Toronto to meet her family. Renee is super hard on Dean and wants him to make an impression so she nags him about taking a shower and brushing his hair, overall good hygiene.  Dean meets Renee’s mom and they hit it off right away.

Nikki Bella goes to have her final CT scan done and see if she is ready to return to the ring. The doctor clears her and she is super excited to go back and get ready for the draft.

In the meantime, Lana tells Rusev that she wants a flower arch for the ceremony and Rusev says that it is not worth the money. Lana gets her feelings hurt because she was going to get elephants for the reception but ultimately decided against it because of Maryse.

Renee, Dean and her family go to dinner and sit on the patio. Renee is wearing her hat and then all of a sudden, some drunk guy comes up behind her and steals her hat. Dean jumps over the bushes out into the street and is in pursuit of the hat thief. Renee runs after Dean. Dean finds the guy, gets her hat back, makes him admit that he is a drunk a-hole and completely saves the day! Wait, Renee is mad at him because he made himself look psycho. I thought it was awesome and I would be grateful for him getting my hat back, but Renee is too caught up in appearances. They go back to dinner, Renee is still mad so Dean takes Renee’s mom to a bar across the street since Renee is being a party pooper.

Rusev tells Lana that he has a surprise to show her, Lana thinks it is her arch. Nope! It’s a Lamborghini that Rusev rented for himself. Of course, Lana is a little upset that it is not the arch she wanted.

Renee’s mom goes shopping with her while Dean waits outside the store.  Renee’s mom asks her why she is so upset with Dean and that she shouldn’t be.  Renee’s mom just wants him to be himself and have fun. She thought Dean saving her hat was very noble and that they should just have fun. Renee apologizes to Dean and they have a nice last night in Canada equipped with Dean’s nunchucks.

Everyone makes it down to Malibu for the big day. Miz and Maryse give Lana a wedding present of decorative elephants for their house.  Lana steps out to the aisle and sees that Rusev did in fact get her the arch she had been dreaming of and all is forgiven.  They say beautiful vows and have a gorgeous wedding.

They have a Circus themed reception and it even has a small Ferris Wheel.  Everyone is having a great time until Nikki gets an email. The email is from WWE and notifies Nikki that she will not be a part of the brand draft. Nikki is upset that she will not be a part of it and Brie and Daniel tell her not to quit training, that things will work out. 

The show ends with the WWE draft and the talent unsure of their future in the WWE.

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