Total Divas Recap 12/7: Gone Girl

Renee and Dean Ambrose are going paddle boarding. Apparently, Dean is hungover and looks wrecked trying to do this. Oh, so they are combining yoga with paddleboarding…interesting.

Paige is getting frustrated since she hasn’t had TV time in about 6 months and is having negative thoughts.

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Brie and Bryan are in their home and Brie tells Bryan that Nikki is going to come spend the weekend with them. They haven’t spent a lot of time with Nikki after their fight during the Total Bellas filming.  He is ok with it but they seem to be having more and more drama lately.

Eva is not booked on live events and has not gotten her schedule yet.  She goes to talk to Mark and he tells her that they just don’t have her booked right now. 

Nikki and Kathy meet up for lunch. Nikki fills in her mom that she has been training and it might be time for her to go back in the ring.  She wants to ask Bryan to be her coach. If you want to see cleavage, this is the spot to do it, thank you Nikki Bella’s dress.

Paige shows up to dinner with Alberto Del Rio. All the Divas are kind of dumbfounded that she is so smitten already.  She says that she is in love and the rest of the Divas didn’t even know she was with him. So, if you haven’t seen other seasons of Total Divas, let me fill you in quick. Paige has run from commitment from ALL prior boyfriends. She didn’t even want to get engaged to her last boyfriend and had to break it off because she didn’t like him all that much. So, it is a complete surprise to viewers and the other Divas that all of a sudden Paige is in love and with someone they hadn’t even seen her with. 

Maryse and Eva go and have a chat in the pool.  Maryse tells her that Eva that her and Mike are going to shoot the Marine 5 and Trinity is in it too. Eva gets bummed since she literally not doing anything.  Maryse suggests that Eva needs to go talk to them and make them put her on TV.

Nikki goes to see Brie and Bryan’s new home in Aberdeen and Brie tells Nikki not to talk to Bryan about wrestling.  Nikki really wants to make things up to Bryan. Nikki and Brie buy a giant plant and they break the tree trying to put it in their SUV.

Lana, Renee, Nattie and Maryse talk during breakfast. They are all worried about Paige’s behavior and think that they need to step in and talk to her.

Renee and Lilian Garcia talk about Paige. Paige is missing live events and Lilian tells Renee that Paige is moving to San Antonio to live with Del Rio.  Renee gets mad because she didn’t hear it from Paige herself and feels like she is being different. Renee tries to get info out of Paige and invites her for coffee.  So, Renee does this the right way, typically when the Divas get upset they immediately jump down each other’s throats. Props to Renee.

Nikki tries to ask Bryan about him coaching her and Brie gets mad and tells Nikki that it is insensitive. 

Eva is going to talk to TV to see why they aren’t pushing her.  She talks to Bryan James, aka Road Dogg, and says that she has a pitch for an entrance.

Paige and Renee talk about Paige’s behavior.  Renee says she’s acting withdrawn. Paige says she had a mental breakdown and almost moved back to England. Renee is concerned that she is moving too fast and that all the Divas are concerned. Paige doesn’t want to just be gossip and it isn’t anyone else’s business.  Paige storms off. 

Call time and still no Paige.

Nikki spills the beans that Brie told her not to talk to Bryan about wrestling. Brie tells Bryan that she was just protecting him. He tells her that it shouldn’t have been an issue. Bryan goes to talk to Nikki one on one.

Bryan wants her to do well and they have a heartfelt apology. This is what they needed to get rid of the awkwardness up until now. 

Eva comes out with her new entrance. Dude, did Eva come up with her own entrance?! Uh, that entrance is actually brilliant. Bring Eva back please WWE!

Paige is in trouble with Mark because she didn’t show even though she is paid to be there. Mark tells her that if she cooperates then they can retire by the time she is 31. Mark tells her that he is trying to help her and that a lot of people love her, he just needs her cooperation. This conversation is done off screen but we can hear them.

Bryan shows Nikki some moves. Bryan is happy working with Nikki. Brie sees it and it helps everyone bond.  Bryan also helps Nikki come up with her new finisher.

Renee and Lana are backstage and Renee feels like she needs to go apologize to Paige and just be supportive. Renee is seriously the most mature person I have ever seen on this show.  Renee does apologize to Paige and Paige apologizes for blowing up and they are good.  Hugs ensue and all is right in the Diva world.

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