Total Divas Recap 4/12 Feel The Glow

This week on Total Divas, we saw Trinity get serious nerves, Dean and Renee romance and Baywatch with Maryse and Eva.

Trinity has had the idea for the Feel the Glow entrance and theme for a while now, 2 years to be exact as she states on the show.  Her merchandise comes in and she heads over to Mark Carrano to see if she has the go ahead to start on this new transformation for her character. Mark told her that there are so many things that it has to go through including creative, and that he wants to "put it on the shelf" for now. Man, he says that a LOT.  She is frustrated but has not given up. She gets a trial piece of her costume in and does the entrance just for her husband Jon (Jimmy Uso) and sees that it still needs work and is not ready to show it to the company yet. Finally, she gets the right equipment in and does a trial entrance to see if it will get the go ahead from creative. Nattie tells her earlier what an honor it would be because there are only a couple of superstars that get the whole area dark for their entrance and they are main even talent. Nattie says that if she can nail this entrance how meaningful it would be.  Trinity does the run through 3 times and does get the green light from WWE. She is set to Feel The Glow.

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Brie has joined Daniel Bryan on the road and is noticeably struggling with where she fits in. She is trying to do business while on the road but that proves to be a struggle when she cannot get consistent WiFi and misses out on an important meeting due to this. Nikki gets mad at her for missing it and the meeting having to be postponed. Brie ultimately talks with Bryan and decides not go on the road with him so she can work on her business ventures.

Maryse and Eva decide that they want to do a special photo shoot for their husbands. Maryse takes it very seriously and goes on a five day juice cleanse. Right before the shoot, Eva and Maryse go to make themselves look the best they can and go through crazy extremes. They go and have saran wrap suits put on to help them sweat and lose as much as they can before the shoot. The two go for the actual shoot and use Baywatch props and the iconic red swimming suit. Eva constantly calls Maryse "Pam" referring of course to Pam Anderson which pisses Maryse off. Maryse gets mad at everyone at the photo shoot and is physically exhausted because of all the preparation she has done to lose the weight. She is hangry. Eva tells her to knock it off and takes her for a burger to help calm her down. Maryse is so happy with the burger she even gets ketchup on her bleach blond hair.  The two go back and complete the photo shoot for their husbands.

Dean and Renee finally get some alone time on a vacation and Renee is looking for some romance. She planned on making Dean a fancy homemade meal which he sabotaged by ordering Hawaiian pizza. The next night, the two get dressed up fancy and go to a very high end Italian restaurant. Dean looks miserable and does a terrible job putting up a front. Renee can tell he is uncomfortable and decides that the kind of romance she had planned for them, is not their style. Dean tells her she was hanging out with the Bellas too much. The two then change it up, go to a dive bar where the beer is terrible but they are at home. 

Next week on Total Divas, we get to see a Lana and Renee fight and an inside look at Paige's suspension. Total Divas airs Wednesday nights on the E! Channel.

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