Total Divas:Too Many Cooks (12/21)

Trinity is on set for the Marine 5 and gets some advice from Heath Slater and Curtis Axel. They tell her not to be nervous and know that she will do awesome in the movie shoot.

Brian and Brie rented a palace in California for a week and they want the space away from her sister to do some baby making.  Winston is back on! Josie and Winston are now in a doggie IQ competition. Which Frenchie is smarter? Nikki is very competitive and Nikki quits because Winston doesn’t seem to be as smart as Josie according to the internet.

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Rusev, Lana and Renee are out to a country bar and we find out that Rusev is a big fan of country music.  Lana wants to do a country theme for their wedding invite.  Rusev wants control over it if they do it. 

Nattie is happy because she is at the front of the division. 

Back on the set, Maryse and Trinity talk about her acting and Maryse teases her a little bit for her acting notes around her trailer.  You can see that Trinity is serious about wanting to do a good job. 

The twins decide that they are going to take an IQ test.  Who is the smarter Bella? I guess we will find out!

Jenni (Nattie’s sister) and Nattie talk about Jenni’s career path and Nattie thinks that she should do something with cooking since Jenni is a chef.  Nattie thinks they should do cooking class at their house and do dinner and then charge for it. Nattie wants to charge #350 a head for the class.

Nattie and her mom put up fliers for the cooking class and think that this will help Jenni with her depression.

Brie and Nikki are getting quizzed by Brian on sample IQ questions and the twins are not doing well.  I am genuinely interested to see which Bella is smarter. Neither are very smart, and that is putting it nicely.

Nattie invites various superstars to her house for the cooking class. Nattie even bribes Titus to come. Nattie wants her sister to get her confidence back but this may not be the best way to do it.

No Brie, Teddy Roosevelt was NOT the president during the Civil War.

Maryse and Trinity go to hang out and tell each other how stressed out they are and Maryse says she just needs a mental break.  They go to a gymnastics spot and do high flying stuff like in Cirque de Soleil. It helps them get their minds off the movie shoot.

Nattie tries to take charge of everything and seems to be doing too much. Fandango shows up and Big E comes as well. I still can’t tell if Jenni and Big E are a thing or not. They went on dates in previous episodes, and I am not sure if anything ever came from that. They still look flirtatious.

Jenni leads the class and it seems to be going well.  Jenni looks happy and that makes Nattie happy. Maybe this will work.

Someone lets it out of the bag that Nattie has bribed everyone to come to the class.  I can only imagine how awful Jenni feels. Nattie doesn’t understand why Jenni is upset.  Jenni is very embarrassed.

Rusev gives Lana a framed photo of their Nashville country photoshoot.  Lana and Rusev are pretty freaking adorable together.

Brian has the IQ scores and the twins think that they shouldn’t read the scores and throw them away since it would be a relationship strainer.  Nikki catches Brie reading the results after she supposedly threw them in the trash.  Brian thought it was hilarious.  The results are in, Nikki is 113 and Brie is 99.  Nikki is officially the smarter twin. 

Jenni and Nattie talk about the cooking class. Nattie’s heart was in the right place but Jenni viewed it as she needs Nattie to be successful. The two later talk and are ok. Nattie knows that she needs to take a step back and not put so much pressure on her.

On the movie set, Trinity seems to have more confidence.

This week we found out about Nattie family drama, how smart the Bella’s are and Rusev and Lana’s love of country. Watch Total Divas Wednesday’s on E!Chaneel and keep an eye out for my recaps here at!

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