OFF-TRACK with A-TRAIN: Colin Cowherd Apparently Eats His Own Boogers

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Former ESPN and current FOX Sports professional opinion-having-gasbag Colin Cowherd is a self-confessed former booger-eater. As a kid, he said. But as an adult, he kicked the habit. 

Unfortunately, it looks like poor Colin might have had a relapse. 

Let me explain.

Cowherd is famous among wrestling fans for his stance that all professional wrestling fans are "booger-eating nerds." This includes former ESPN co-workers Bill Simmons and Michelle Beadle, two personalities with whom Cowherd has had on-air arguments about the issue.

"I used to watch pro wrestling when I was a kid, but I also used to eat my boogers," Colin Cowherd once told Simmons on his ESPN radio show back in 2015. Simmons had just been a guest on Monday Night RAW, and Colin took issue with Simmons' wrestling fandom. 

"You're a good looking guy with a big broad life and you're super smart, and you're going to be on WWE Monday Night Raw talking about guys fake wrestling. You would be the last person in the company I'd expect to like fake wrestling."

He also had some pretty inflammatory things about Eddie Guerrero and The Ultimate Warrior after their untimely deaths, bad enough that ESPN was forced to issue an apology.

He also likes to Tweet about the subject:

So it would be a huge surprise if Colin Cowherd, respected sports journalism, turned out to be a huge hypocrite, right?

Aw, say it ain't so, Colin. Say it ain't so.

Now, there does exist the possibility that he was there as part of some legitimate business, as he is (somehow) one of the most famous, high-powered public faces of FOX Sports, and the FOX company is being rumored as a possible bidder for the WWE during the ongoing contract negotiations with NBCUniversal, according to a January report in Variety.

Further lending to the speculation is that Cowherd was joined at Smackdown in the Staples Center on Tuesday night by his FOX Sports bosses.

Of course, there is another option. Maybe instead of Cowherd attending a WWE TV event as part of the FOX Sports TV bid, and instead of him being a massive, humongous hypocrite, a man whose word you can no longer trust, no matter the subject, maybe instead he's a skeevy creep who wouldn't miss the opportunity to be photographed with his arms around two hot blondes, no matter their profession.

Also there's a fourth option: Colin Cowherd is a closeted wrestling fan and a confirmed booger eater.

Yeah, it's probably that last one.

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