Off Track with A-Train: Goldberg's Terrible 'Just For Men' Photoshop

Goldberg is facing Kevin Owens at FastLane.

He's probably gonna beat him in like seven seconds or whatever because it's gonna be a hashtag "moment." Or whatever.

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But that is an outrage for a different time.

Here is the outrage for right now.

See anything wrong with that picture?

Go ahead. Look again.

Look closer.

Look even closer.

That's not what Goldberg's goatee looks like.

THIS is what Goldberg's goatee looks like:

See the difference?

Here, I'll put them side by side:

That one on the left looks like a halfway decent Create-A-Wrestler of Goldberg From WWE2K13.

It does not look like Goldberg. And if I noticed it, you better believe the king of all WWE trolls, Kevin Owens noticed it.

Well, played Master Owens. Well played.

Here's hoping you can last longer than Brock did.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

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