"The Trial Of Faye Jackson" Brings Out Wrestling Stars, Trends #1 On Twitter

Big E's historic win at Money in The Bank had a world talking about the historic moment made by him and for the repercussions that would come from this for ROH Dojo alumni, Faye Jackson. Ms. Jackson promoted that she would be posting a "nude" if the former two-time Intercontinental Champion won the ladder match, and she delivered on that promise; however, she posted a picture of a nude color palette for the Twitter timeline, which sparked a huge scandal on the internet. Because of this unfortunate scenario, Fightful correspondent, Suge Dunkerton, took it into his own hands and sent Faye Jackson for a trial. Here is what went down during the trial.

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Many top names in the business were present during the trial, including Big E's former Tag Team Partner Xavier Woods, NXT Tag Team Champion Nash Carter, and recently crowned FTW Champion Ricky Starks.

In his opening statement, Dunkerton mentioned that he was going to do this for the good of the Twitter timeline and holding Ms. Jackson accountable for her lies. He said the following :

“Y’all know I'm not about the mess, and that seems to be the thing that Faye Jackson finds herself embroiled in every chance she gets now. Anybody who's a wrestling fan? Hell anybody that is a fan of just living life gets tired of this little thing called Broken promises. As the song goes broken promises, promises yeah. In an act, probably her most irresponsible act yet she would bake the timeline in with something that they knew they absolutely wanted, which was a promise of a nude from her. Based on the fact would either win the money in the bank case or not, but she was so confident in this, under no duress whatsoever from anybody else she felt as if she could be able to make this statement. This claim, this promise to the timeline, and as soon as Big E was able to pull the briefcase down from out the heavens, the first African American man to ever have the money in the Bank briefcase, She was supposed to fulfill a promise to us the timeline. The people of the timeline, the women, men, non-binaries, gays, what have you? Who all wanted to see what she was working with? She reneged on her promise like throwing down a puppy to when she knew she was spayed, tight in a game of spades, she tried to walk out on her promise and turn her back on the people. So it is my burden, just to bring her to justice and let it be known and through my expert evidence and witnesses that I will call to the stand. This class action lawsuit will seek to get full damages from Miss Faye Sharkeisha Jackson. I'm done at this time, thank you.”

Unfortunately for Suge, things quickly fell apart when he was called up as a witness by AEW Wrestler and Twitter Nuiansse, Big Swole, in favor of the defense. Big Swole threaten to attack Suge with a belt, telling him to “Sit yo ass down”. She questioned why she brought a retired wrestler to Wrestler’s Court, though Fightful Correspondent Suge stated that it was a “Public Hearing”.

It is important to mention that Independent wrestling standout, Sway Archer, was asking questions on a frequent basis, but he was constantly told by former GCW Champion, AJ Gray, to keep quiet during the session. Gray stated calmly:

"Shut your ass up!"

After this, Swole called Pretty Boy Smooth as a witness, where he mentioned he considered Suge a mentor. The audience was noticeably laughing at his comments after this, which led to AJ Gray stating that clear that there would be repercussions for anyone not obeying the oath saying the truth and only the truth. He specifically stated:

"Any dishonesty would be punishable with an ass whooping by me."

Despite the efforts of Dunkerton and his well-reasoned arguments, it was not enough as Faye Jackson was declared not guilty by the Judge, former IMPACT Tag Team Champion Tasha Steelz.

After the court defeat, Suge Dunkerton stated that he would pursue legal action against the jury due to the result. He stated:

"I will press charges on all you motherfuckers!!"

Despite the controversy around the trial and the multiple crashes during the airing of such, it did not stop the internet from going crazy for it as it managed to become the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter in the United States, becoming the second wrestling topic to so in the day. The feat was previously achieved by Fightful Select after breaking the news of CM Punk being in talks for a potential in-ring return.

Big Swole is an active member of the AEW Roster, while Faye Jackson is retired from the professional competition; however Big E will be competing against Apollo Crews on Rolling Loud in Orlando, Florida for Friday Night SmackDown. Despite the defeat, Suge Dunkerton will join Robert DeFelice on the July 23th edition of the SmackDown Post Show on Fightful's YouTube page, in which they will talk about the match between Apollo Crews and Big E.

By the end of the night, the trial was the top Twitter trend in America.

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