Triple H On If Undertaker Will Stay Retired: He's Earned The Right To Do Whatever The F--k He Wants

Triple H has the utmost respect for The Undertaker and because of that, feels that he should be able to decide when it is truly the end.

In the last decade, Triple H and Undertaker had become synonymous with one another because of their longevity in WWE and their legendary battles against one another. As The Undertaker prepares for his final farewell at the 2020 WWE Survivor Series event, wrestling’s stars, both past and present, have been weighing in on what The Undertaker means to the industry as a whole.

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Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Triple H opened up about the legacy of The Undertaker character and the work ethic and respect earned by Mark Calaway, the man behind the persona.

“I always think of that Maya Angelou quote about how people always remember how you make them feel,” said Levesque. “That’s The Undertaker.”

Nobody can deny that for the last 30 years The Undertaker has left many with powerful memories and emotions tied to the character, but there is always the question of whether or not this will truly be the end for the character. It was nearly 10 years ago that Triple H began his WrestleMania rivalry with the Undertaker by saying that neither had anything left to prove and yet, Undertaker had a match at this year's WrestleMania, still headlining the card, while Triple H did not.

When asked whether or not he feels that this should truly be the end for The Undertaker, Triple H simply stated that the persona of The Undertaker represents everything amazing about the industry that they both love, and Mark Calaway has earned the right to go out on his terms.

I’ve also been asked, ‘If he stays retired, shouldn’t he stay retired? Will he come back in two years? Won’t that be a mistake?’ When it comes to all that, I can only give my opinion.

“He represents everything amazing about our business. There is a uniqueness to it; he’s different from any other character. That’s why I think Mark Calaway should be able to do whatever the f--- he wants. He’s earned that right.”

Triple H's best friend, and arguably the catalyst for his rivalry with Undertaker, Shawn Michaels recently stated that he wants Mark Calaway to be able to find peace away from the ring more than he has ever wanted that for any professional wrestler. Read his comments at this link.

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