Triple H Media Call Live Coverage: NXT's WrestleMania, Cruiserweights, Ibushi, More

Welcome to's coverage of Triple H's customary pre-NXT Takeover media call. We're on the call and will be bringing you live updates here, as well as our Twitter @FightfulOnline.

- Triple H says he's impressed with how the majority of last year's Brooklyn show is on the main roster.

- HHH puts over Ember Moon and says he wants to see something different from No Way Jose.

- He expects Ciampa/Gargano vs. Revival to steal the show.

- Triple H talks about how special it is that Joe and Nakamura haven't fought before.

- Triple H says he's been wanting to do the CWC for years, and hopes they can have a chance to be on Raw and WrestleMania.

- HHH tells us that Raw being 3 hours is a big part of why Cruiserweights are coming to Mondays.

- The WWE is being aggressive in signing cruiserweights, according to Triple H. For both NXT and Raw.

- Triple H talks about the flack they get when experienced guys come to NXT instead of inexperienced talent.

- HHH calls NXT Brooklyn the 'WrestleMania of NXT.'

- Triple H puts over Alexander Wolfe and says he expects to see big things from him soon.

- When asked about Ibushi working Japan/WWE, HHH says he thinks WWE wants their cruiserweights to be WWE exclusive

- HHH says they're examining trends of injuries, since so many wrestlers had shoulder injuries. HHH notes that physicality is the only thing he's been able to pin point re: shoulder injuries.

- Triple H has been helping Corey Graves get accustomed to Raw, and is looking for his NXT replacement.

- Triple H says HBK is in the process of deciding to move or not move to Orlando. Says HBK can be there full or part-time.

- HHH says we'll have to wait and see if a CW champ is crowned at the end of the CWC