Triple H Says There's No Exception For Daniel Bryan When It Comes To Getting Cleared Medically

Although people pine for the idea of Daniel Bryan returning to the ring, it will have to be done the right way.

Speaking during a panel at the Television Critics Association earlier this week (transcription via Gamespot), Triple H reiterated what is going on with Daniel Bryan and why he still hasn't been cleared to return to the ring.

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"There can be no exception, medically,” he said. “If the belief is that he’s not healthy enough and it is a risk for to perform, then I don’t know why we would ever allow him to step in the ring unless it can be proven otherwise."

"We have some of the best medical people in the world working for us," he added. "Our wellness policy, our concussion programs, out protocols–I’ll put them up against any on the planet. The medical experts will make the determination of whether Bryan can set foot in that ring or not."

He knows that Daniel Bryan wants to return to the ring. But ultimately, there are other factors -- far more important ones -- that should be also taken into consideration when it comes to clearing him.

"Personally, for him, I know it’s something he loved doing and I hope he has that opportunity," Triple H said. But at the same point in time, he’s married and has a child. We serve the human being first."

Despite this, Daniel Bryan has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to the ring. Wether that be in WWE or somewhere else is anyone's guess.

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