Vince McMahon was over the moon about NXT's debut on USA.

The Chairman of WWE is perhaps infamously known for having his hands in all of WWE's content. However, as originally reported on Fightful Select, he wasn't in Orlando for the NXT on USA debut. That doesn't mean he didn't show his support, as Triple H told Fightful during a media call after the show.

"I received a bunch of texts from him throughout the day -- excited, and excited to see it, and wishing us luck especially as it got close. He was sending me little texts counting me down, '20 minutes!' Which I thought was great. It was just fun," said Triple H.

That support continued during and after the event. McMahon, who was once said to not be a regular NXT viewer, took in the initial USA effort and was happy how it turned out.

"He sent me a few texts after the show. He watched the entire thing. I'm sure he was at the office, probably in a meeting while he was doing it. But he enjoyed it, he loved it. He thought the talent did a hell of a job, and thought they knocked it out of the park. He was excited. He sent me a massive congratulations after it was over, and was thrilled with the product," said Triple H

McMahon's distinct vision for WWE isn't for everyone, and neither is Triple H's vision for NXT. However, it's the differences that Triple H thinks attract, and he says that McMahon is aware of that.

"It's a funny thing, people don't give him the credit. He embraces the difference. The (two) products should be different, and he embraces that difference, and is all in to that difference. It's like liking different types of music. Something might be somebody's cup of tea, something might be the other, but you can appreciate all of it. He absolutely appreciates it." he said.

You can see the full media call, and a clip here on Fightful. Credit to Amino Apps for the photo.

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