Triple H: 'William Regal Will Be A Part Of NXT Until He Tells Me He Doesn't Want To'

William Regal is an invaluable part of the NXT family, according to Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

The end of NXT TakeOver: In Your House would see William Regal, after a night of carnage and chaos, say that after seven years as the general manager of the brand, it was time for a change.

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While he did not specify what that change would be, the reference to his length of time as general manager drew intrigue from viewers who began to ponder what NXT would be like without William Regal.

When asked by Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone on the post-In Your House media call what William Regal means to the brand regardless of his status as an on-air character, Shawn Michaels and Triple H emphasized that he brings a wealth of passion and experience to the NXT presentation and both stated that William Regal will be a part of NXT in some capacity for as long as he wants to be.

“William Regal has been such an integral part of this since day one. There are certain people that have and then [there are] people that have come in along the way that have become -- it's hard to envision doing it in any sort of way without them. Regal’s definitely one of those people. I don't think that we will ever do it without him, he'll be a part of this until the day that he tells me he doesn't want to be a part of it anymore,” said Triple H.

“He just loves -- it's why Shawn's here, it’s why I'm here, it's why Matt blooms here, it’s why Sara [Amato’s] here. It is why this whole team is here. They love the business and they love all the aspects of this business and want to see it continue and move forward. They want to help guide it and change it into the future trying to create the business they always hoped and wished it could be as they were coming up. [They want to] get rid of the things that none of us liked or understood about the business, and enhance the bits and pieces that we did love about it, and [William Regal] is that way to the core. You know, he's constantly pulling talent aside, constantly in their ear. He's one of the biggest recruiting factors we have. He's got a handle on just about everybody that's out there and is one of the best eyes of somebody that's maybe never done this before that steps in the ring and just athletically you can see, ‘Okay, yeah, they'll be able to do this and do it really well.’ You know, he's, he's incredible at that. So his value here is tough to be measured and he'll always be a part of it, no matter where we go on Tuesday.”

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