The Undertaker Feared He Was Going To Debut As "Eggman" In 1990

The Undertaker feared the worst when he saw a giant egg on WWE television in 1990

Speaking to Pastor Ed Young in an out-of-character interview, The Undertaker discussed meeting with Vince McMahon after leaving WCW in late 1989.

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"I was working for another company and they told me -- I was going in to renegotiate a contract -- they said, 'You're a good athlete but no one is going to pay money to watch you wrestle.' That stuck with me," recalled Undertaker. "I eventually get a meeting with Vince. I thought, 'I'm going to walk in here, blow him away and get hired on the spot.' I meet with Vince and at the end of the meeting, he says, 'We don't really have anything right now. Maybe after WrestleMania we'll have an opening.' I'd already quit the other place"

As Undertaker tried to get bookings elsewhere, he noticed a giant egg showing up on WWE television. He believed the egg was for him.

"(WWE) start this promotion where they have this giant egg on one of the stages. I'm thinking, 'Oh man, I'm gonna be Eggman. He'll want me to shave my head and eyebrows.' I'm in a panic."

Fortunately, a phone call from Vince McMahon confirmed that Taker would not be cooked upon arrival.

"The phone rings, 'Hello.' 'Is this The Undertaker?' I put the phone down and I'm thinking, 'Undertaker? That aint Eggman or Egghead.' I say, 'Undertaker? Yeah, it is!' It took me a second to process who it was. He had the character. He needed somebody big with no personality. I'm your guy."

The egg turned out to be the Gobbledy Gooker, a huge misfire in WWE history. The same night the Gooker hatched -- Survivor Series 1990 -- The Undertaker made his debut.

You can watch/listen to the entire interview with Undertaker in the video above.

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