UPDATE: Jim Cornette Compares Kenny Omega And Kota Ibushi To Hitler

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Jim Cornette needs to take it down like a dozen notches at least.

Noted giffer Lariato posted this Tweet:

Dave Meltzer responded, obviously referencing Cornette:

Cornette saw Meltzer's tweet and well, he went there.

He went all the way there and he rented a storefront and he set up shop there. Selling bad takes. In Hitler Town.

I think he might be taking this a tad too far.


It all started with an innocent Tweet:

In case you don't know, Jim Cornette REALLY hates Kenny Omega, mostly because he once wrestled a third-grade girl and made her look like a million bucks. The video is at the top of the page and it is highly recommended.

Cornette's concern is that watching that match makes professional wrestling look fake.

Because everyone was under the impression that it was a legitimate sport, and then Kenny Omega came along and ruined it, that jerk.

Anyway, the tweeter was asking why Cornette holds a grudge over an exhibition comedy match that took place years ago. As he says, "Omega doesn't even do that stuff anymore."

Cornette's perfectly measured response was:

Don't worry. It gets better, and by "better" I mean "more unhinged."

Followers of Cornette tried to talk him down, but to no avail.

(I feel like that is a trick question...)

Yeah, I should have mentioned that: Omega has also wrestled a blow-up doll. But it's cool, it's Japan. Everyone does it there. Kota Ibushi did it on several occasions, and he's like, probably the best in the world or maybe ever.

Yeah, that whole "@-ing" thing is going to come into play here in a bit.

And that's where this thing really goes off the rails: "He should not be allowed in our business."

Come on, Jim. Really?

(Apparently, yes. Really.)

Cornette really seems to be saying that it's fine that Omega had the match vs the 8-year-old girl, it's just the fact that he didn't seriously injure her that he finds objectionable.

Once again, that's Jim Cornette, arguing that Kenny Omega should've broken that girls spine or something, to "preserve the sanctity of the business" or some shit.

Just putting this out there: Jim Cornette isn't scared of Kenny Omega.

Just putting that out there.

Anyway, finally, Kenny Omega responded, and he was, under the circumstances, remarkably polite.

Yeah, see, for the uninitiated, when you "@" or "at" someone on Twitter, using their handle in your Tweet, they get tagged in it, and every response to or Re-Tweet of your original Tweet shows up in their timeline (or "TL"). It kind of makes it hard to see stuff on Twitter that actually matters. You know, instead of the insane rantings of an unbearably out of touch lunatic and his cadre of trollish fanboys.

But that polite request by Omega, which even included him telling Cornette that he likes him, was met by even more vitriol.

Someone please find that girl and ask her how she is.

Better yet, ask her what she thinks of all this.

I think she'd be almost fourteen now, and I'll bet she could kick Cornette's ass in a shoot fight.

Maybe Jimmy Van would be willing to pay Cornette to show up? We could charge $20 a head to get in and see it live, run the thing on iPPV and all the proceeds would go to charity.

And Kenny Omega could be the Special Guest Referee.

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