It's Royal Rumble season in WWE. The annual event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, January 31. Fightful will keep track of all participants announced for the 2021 Men's Royal Rumble in this post.

- Daniel Bryan declared himself as the first entrant in the 2021 Royal Rumble Match following a victory over Jey Uso on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. (12/25)

- Bobby Lashley declared himself prior to an eight-man tag on WWE Raw. (12/28)

- AJ Styles announced in a digital exclusive that he is entering the 2021 Royal Rumble Match (1/4)

- Randy Orton, a two-time Royal Rumble winner in his own right, declared his entry for the match during the Legends Night edition of Monday Night Raw. (1/4)

- Otis announced himself as an entrant in the Royal Rumble match during a backstage "Alpha Academy" training session. (1/8)

- The Miz declared his entry via TMZ Sports (1/13)

- Jey Uso declared himself for the Royal Rumble on WWE SmackDown (1/15)

- Cesaro announced himself for the Royal Rumble while on commentary on WWE SmackDown (1/15)

- Jeff Hardy declared for the Royal Rumble in a WWE social media video ahead of Raw (1/18)

- Sami Zayn handcuffed himself to the ringside barricade on WWE SmackDown and declared for the Royal Rumble (1/22)

- Dolph Ziggler declared for the Royal Rumble by answering Cesaro's challenge on WWE SmackDown (1/22)

- Shinsuke Nakamura and Big E were shown on the Royal Rumble graphic during WWE SmackDown (1/22)

Announced List of Men's Royal Rumble Participants
(Numbers are not entry position unless stated otherwise)

1. Daniel Bryan
2. Bobby Lashley
3. AJ Styles
4. Randy Orton
5. Otis
6. The Miz
7. Jey Uso
8. Cesaro
9. Jeff Hardy
10. Sami Zayn
11. Dolph Ziggler
12. Shinsuke Nakamura
13. Big E

You can view a list of Women's Royal Rumble participants by clicking here. You can view the full updated Royal Rumble 2021 card by clicking here.

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