Vince Russo Was Contacted For TNA Themed Show, Says He Isn't Working For IMPACT

An update on Vince Russo’s status with IMPACT Wrestling.

Vince Russo was a key player in WWE’s Attitude Era as he was the main writer in the room with Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and others. In the time since, Vince Russo has gone on to work with other promotions to varying degrees of success.

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One promotion that he has had a checkered past worth is IMPACT Wrestling. Russo was a part of the early days of TNA Wrestling and had a consultant role in the latter days of the Dixie Carter era of the promotion. Today, rumors have once again begun to circulate suggesting that Vince Russo is once again back with the promotion.

The rumors were vehemently denied by several within IMPACT. One name even told Fightful that they would quit if that were the case, and Vince Russo has publicly expressed his disinterest in returning to wrestling. Many talent have been asked about the rumors repeatedly, and many are exhausted by the rumors. The word that we got is that IMPACT wanted to book Russo for their WrestleMania weekend TNA-themed show, which Vince Russo confirmed to us.

When we reached out to Vince, he said "Yes---Scott D'amore invited me. I gave them a figure. Then the Pandemic hit. We hadn't even agreed to a deal yet---and NO CREATIVE was EVER discussed."

Of course, the TNA celebration show was canceled due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. However, in the wake of the cancellation of the event, IMPACT Wrestling has continued to utilize the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt as part of a storyline with Moose.

As for Vince Russo, he is currently a podcaster and it appears that will be the extent of his life in the public eye moving forward.

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