Watch Ric Flair Introduce the PGA Championship With This Insane Hype Video

I'm not sure what the crossover between wrestling fans and pro golf fans is.

It might just be one guy.

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And if so, that one guy is Ric Flair.

He got kicked out of a bar back in April because he was so pissed at the bartender for not changing the channel to The Masters.

He likes golf.

So when the PGA Championship coming to Quail Hollow this year, the luxury golf course in Charlotte, North Carolina--Ric Flair's hometown--it only made sense for the PGA to reach out and secure the services of their most stylin' and profiln' fan and have him do a hype video for the tournament, which you can watch above.

Here's a partial transcript: 

"To be the man, you gotta beat the man, baby. You know who said that? Me, The Nature Boy.


You need a certain swagger to be the man, a style and profile that's only visible when you're the best at what you do.

The PGA Champion -- every year there can only be one.


This year the top contenders have come to Charlotte, North Carolina, the bright lights and the big city that I put on the map."

Forget the humility and decorum and embrace the Flourish.

For the next four days, the man to beat is that little one inside your head."

Nature Boy, you truly are the greatest.

I didn't think there was anyone who could get me hyped for Golf, but goddamn if that didn't just do it.

I still won't watch, because Golf is the worst, but you got me closer than anything ever has.

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