Welcome To The Underground: Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Check out the second edition of Welcome to The Underground on Fightful, by Rob Simmons. This provides you a straightforward look at LU each week, to compliment Alex Pawlowski's coverage. 

After last year’s Ultima Lucha Dos, Detectives Meehan and Reyes, along with Captain Vasquez discuss whether or not to have Dario arrested for murdering Mr. Cisco.  Vasquez tells Reyes that a bigger war is coming, and now is not the time to arrest Dario.  Angry, Reyes brawls with Meehan before storming out, as his friend Mr. Cisco would not be avenged

Jim Crockett Jr Passes Away At The Age Of 76

Lucha #1: Dr. Wagner Jr. (w/Famous B and Nurse Brenda) vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Famous B interrupts the lovely Melissa Santos and introduces his client, the Surgeon of Suffering, the infamous Dr. Wagner Jr.  The Littlest Luchador has revenge on his mind, but Wagner makes incredibly short work of Sagrada with a Doctor Driver for the quick victory.  


ULTIMA PALABRA:  Not much to talk about here as this lasted all of a minute or so.  It was intended solely to establish Wagner’s strength and viciousness while setting up some future plans for he and Famous B.

An ancient Aztec warrior is on his death bed.  He calls forth his daughter to hand her a powerful totem, the Piedra Immortal.  This totem would grant her immortality, as it works on females only.  With it, she can continue to fight against the Aztec Gods, no matter how long it takes.

As we flash forward, the Amulet, now in half, is in the possession of Captain Vasquez, the small girl from the ancient tribes from many years ago.  Reyes enters and she tells him he is suspended until he can decide what side of this war he is on.

Lucha #2: Argenis vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

Argenis kicks Mil to start the match, but Mil strikes back with his brutal straight right to the jaw of Argenis.  He picks up Argenis in a Running Power Bomb Throw.  Argenis, ever valiant, attempts to recover, hitting Mil with a Top Rope Moonsault, but Mil kicks out at 1.  He Spears Argenis, and one Flatliner later, this match is over.


After the match, Prince Puma attacks Mil from behind and the two brawl to the outside of the ring.  Mil wants more, but Catrina pulls him off saving this battle for another day.

ULTIMA PALABRA:  Much like the first match, there wasn’t much here again.  Mil destroyed Argenis, reminding the Believers why he’s so dangerous.  Ultimately, this was a match used to set up the future continuing feud with Prince Puma, a feud that will most certainly end in someone’s death.

We see Dario’s return to his office last week.  As he surveys what is his, he is interrupted by Joey Ryan, who informs Dario he knows he killed Cisco, because he’s a cop.  He wants to be on Dario’s side of this war.  Ryan proceeds to rat out his partner Cortez Castro, his cover now blown.  He tells Cisco that he’s not doing this for free, as he’s got child support to pay.  Dario drops some cash in Ryan’s hands

Back at the Police Station, Reyes returns to Vasquez’s office, informing her he wants to be on the right side; her side.  She tells him that he’s returning to the Temple, but Reyes has no idea that his cover has been blown by his sleazy partner.

Lucha #3: Killshot vs. Marty the Moth Martinez (Weapons of Mass Destruction Match)

The Temple is decked out like a military encampment, with weapons, camouflage, and netting everywhere.  Marty comes down the steps in full military gear, but is attacked from behind by Killshot, looking to take back his dog tags; his very identity.  As they brawl on the steps, Killshot hits a huge kick to Marty’s face.  He throws the Moth through the crowd as they climb atop one of the offices in the Temple.  Killshot takes a Sniper Rifle from its stand and blasts Marty across his skull, busting him open.  He throws Marty head first into the Temple wall, and then drives his foot straight into his face.  Marty laughs loudly.

As they get to the Temple floor, Mary sends Killshot into the ring post.  He attempts to throw him on the announce table, but Killshot reverses it and sends Marty flying past Striker and Vampiro.  Shot grabs a chair and throws it at his head with pinpoint accuracy.  Marty grabs Melissa Santos as a shield, using her as an opportunity to escape into the crowd.  As Killshot makes his way to Marty, the creepy bastard grabs Killshot by his testicles, and then sends him head first into the railing.  Marty is bleeding profusely at this point.  Shot fires back with a running knee as the crowd continues to see these two brawl right in the middle of them.  Marty makes his way to the floor, but Killshot flies over from the crowd onto Marty with a Somersault Plancha.

Marty grabs a table, which he sets up at ringside.  He rolls Killshot into the ring, setting him up for an Inside Out Suplex.  Killshot blocks the attempt, but takes a big Back Suplex on the ring apron.  Marty now has a ladder in the ring, as well as one set-up between the crowd and the ring apron.  Killshot is back up and throws the camouflage net over Marty’s head, following up with a running kick to his face.  He charges Marty, but Marty sidesteps Shot, sending him headfirst into the hanging ladder.  

Back in the ring, both men tug of war with one of the ladders.  Killshot spears Marty into the corner with one end of the ladder.  Marty’s face meets another chair, and again Marty laughs.  The two end up on the top rope, as Marty sends Killshot hard onto a couple of the weapons crates set up in the ring.  Neither man can keep their opponent down.  Killshot hits Marty with a Fireman’s Carry onto the hanging ladder.  He goes to the top and hits Marty with the Double Stomp, but Marty kicks out of the pin attempt.  Killshot sets Marty up, but Marty kicks Killshot in the groin.  He picks up Shot and sends him flying over the top rope with a Powerbomb through two tables.

Somehow Killshot is able to continue, turning the advantage his way with a Tornado Driver on the Moth.  Shot sets up a 15-foot ladder in the ring.  Both men ascend the ladder stairs, looking to cause permanent damage to his opponent.  Below the ladder on either side are tables, and destruction.  From the back, Mariposa runs in, trying to grab Killshot off the ladder.  He strikes her with a kick, sending her falling through one of the tables below.  Shot now has the ladder advantage, sitting atop the steel structure.  Looking down on Marty he grabs his dog tags from around the Moth’s neck and kicks him down the ladder.  Signaling for the Killshot that he is named after, Shot flies off the top rope, driving his knees into the Moth, sending him hard through the table.  With a 1-2-3, Killshot claims victory, and with victory comes his identity returned.

ULTIMA PALABRA:  This was a great No-Holds Barred Contest, with some great performances by both men.  Marty got busted open early, but it seemed to spur him on even more.  However it was Killshot that came out of this looking like a true star, and I do believe that he will have a breakout season here in the Lucha Temple.  Great Main Event from both men.

As we leave the Temple, Mil is furious in the locker room.  He pushes an entire row of lockers to the ground, screaming “I WANT PUMA.”  Catrina tells him he will get Puma, but he must have patience.  After all, she’s been patient for hundreds of years for what she wants.  She unwraps the source of Mil’s power, the mysterious totem that has been in play since Season One.  We finally see that the source of Mil’s power is in fact the other half of the ancient Amulet; the Amulet also in the possession of Captain Vasquez.  The war has just begun, but who will claim the power to win it?

Until next Lucha,
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