Move over, Chili's, Wendy's has arrived.

Sources say Wendy's is currently weighing their options between joining The Inner Circle and The Dark Order, but are leaning towards Dark Order after an official offer from Evil Uno.

Things came together quickly for the red-haired hamburger free agent, who initially approached Chris Jericho about joining The Inner Circle, but was ignored as Jericho is more of a McDonald's guy.

Seeing an opportunity to impress Mr. Brodie Lee, Evil Uno jumped in with an offer, which Wendy's seems keen on accepting.

John Silver has given a public endorsement to Wendy's and the deal is expected to come together shortly.

Johnny has an enormous appetite, but Wendy's seems confident they can help him with his hungieeness.

Stay tuned for more on the fast food wars in AEW.

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