Wrestler Identified As Man Who Threw 'Hot Coffee' At Radio Show Host Alex Jones

Even the world of politics isn't safe from the sometimes weird and wacky world of pro wrestling and one Alex Jones is in the center of a bizarre incident that totally reeks of bad drama.

For the uninitiated, the man in the picture below is Alex Jones.

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Who is Alex Jones exactly? Well, Jones is a radio show host who runs InfoWars, a far-right conspiracy-based news website.

(Editor's Note: One of his most famous positions is that the goverment is putting chemicals in the water that "are turning the frigging frogs gay." He also believes that the tragic shooting of elementary school children at Sandy Hook was all a "false flag" operation, and those children and their parents were all paid actors.)

So why is Jones being discussed in a wrestling and combat sports website? Well, Jones was, as InfoWars called it, "braving the wilds of Seattle, Washington" and recording a video until a man came out of nowhere to confront Jones. The man, who was wearing a WWE Battleground t-shirt, called Jones "trash" and as Jones called the man "a slave of the system," the mysterious stranger poured liquid on Jones before moving on with his day. Jones says the liquid was "boiling hot coffee."

The video of the incident can be seen above.

Leave it to the internet to identify the Battleground-wearing man as wrestler and actor Jake Stratton.

Given the content of the video, the timing of the coffee being thrown during recording and the parties involved, some people started to question if this was staged or not, almost as if this shot like a wrestling angle.

Whether or not this was staged or not, it's hard not call this something out of a zany wrestling angle. Jones has been described by his own lawyer that he is a "performance artist" and that "he's playing a character" whenever he does wacky things online.

Some of those wacky things include Jones wearing a lizard mask with a top hat, having a tinfoil hat on his head and even straight up destroying a Barack Obama mask

The only thing that would make this even weirder were for the two of them to have a match with Joey Ryan as the special guest referee with NJPW star Hiromu Takahashi's pal Daryl the Cat to be the lead announcer, although somebody out there would pay money to see that match happen.

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