WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: Raw Women's Title - Asuka vs. Zelina Vega Result

Raw Women's Championship
Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega

The match begins with Asuka knocking Vega to the mat, Asuka avoids some kicks from Vega before Vega finally lands one to her knee. Asuka drops Vega again before getting a few near falls on a few pin attempts, Vega fights back and she snaps the arm of Asuka. Asuka recovers and she does damage to the arm of Vega, Asuka transitions to a headlock against Vega. Vega gets free and Asuka nails her with a shoulder tackle, Vega looks for an arm drag and Asuka counters with an arm bar. Vega eventually gets to the ropes to break the submission attempt, Asuka corners Vega before landing a few strikes. Asuka gets Vega on the top rope and she follows her up there, Vega knocks Asuka off the ropes and Vega gets off the ropes before eating a kick. Asuka uses a hip attack to knock Vega to the arena floor, Asuka leaves the ring and Vega sends her arm first into the ring steps. Vega gets Asuka back into the ring before attacking her with a plethora of strikes, Vega then sends Asuka shoulder first into the corner. Asuka fights back and Vega downs her before wrenching away on her arm, Vega releases the hold to get a near fall on a downed Asuka. Asuka looks for the Asuka Lock and Vega gets free before getting her in an arm bar, Asuka gets free and she nails Vega with a side kick.

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Vega gets to the ring apron and Asuka misses a hip attack, Vega then gets Asuka in a rope assisted crucifix for a short time. Vega follows up by landing a middle rope huracanrana and double knee strike on Asuka for a near fall, Vega goes for a back stabber and Asuka avoids it. Vega trips up Asuka before landing a rolling head kick for a near fall, Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock again and Vega rolls her up for a few near falls. Asuka catches Vega in the Asuka Lock from out of nowhere to force a tap out.

Winner: Asuka, still the Raw Women’s Champion

After the match, Charly Caruso interviews Asuka and she calls Zelina Vega dangerous, but not ready for her. Asuka offers a handshake to Vega and Vega attacks her a short time later.

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