WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: WWE Title Ambulance Match Result, Big Show, Christian, Ric Flair Return

WWE Championship
Ambulance Match
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

The match begins with McIntyre attacking Orton with a bunch of strikes, McIntyre traps Orton in the corner while landing more strikes. McIntyre traps Orton in the ropes while landing more shots, Orton looks for an RKO and McIntyre avoids it. McIntyre gets trapped in the ropes and Orton nails him with a low blow, Orton then hits McIntyre with an elevated DDT. Orton sets up for the punt when Big Show interferes to prevent it, Show drags Orton out of the ring before choke slamming him through the announce table. McIntyre leaves the ring and he picks up Orton before dropping him on top of the barricade, McIntyre picks Orton up before attacking him with more strikes. McIntyre follows up by sending Orton into the ring steps, McIntyre stomps away on the hand of a downed Orton. McIntyre then throws Orton right into the barricade, McIntyre picks up Orton and he throws him face first into the back doors of the ambulance. McIntyre grabs some weapons from the side of the ambulance, McIntyre grabs a steel chair and he attacks Orton with it. Orton fights back and he attacks McIntyre with a crutch, Orton then tries crushing McIntyre’s injured jaw with a steel chair.

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Orton opens up the ambulance doors and he tries getting McIntyre in it, McIntyre gets himself and Orton in the ambulance while landing some strikes. Orton fights back and both of them battle out of the ambulance, Orton then sends McIntyre face first into the side of the ambulance. Orton opens the drivers side door of the ambulance and he tries crushing McIntyre’s head with it, McIntyre fights back and he nails Orton with a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre goes for a Claymore Kick and Orton avoids it while McIntyre kicks the door off the ambulance, Orton waits for McIntyre to get up before attacking him with more strikes. McIntyre recovers and he sends Orton face first into the hood of the ambulance, McIntyre and Orton battle to the backstage area. McIntyre traps Orton on an office chair while attacking him with more strikes, McIntyre picks Orton up and he nails him with more strikes. Orton recovers and he launches McIntyre into a brick wall, Christian attacks Orton from out of nowhere and he sends him into a catering table while landing a bunch of strikes. McIntyre gets back up and he attacks Orton with more strikes as they battle back towards the ambulance, McIntyre gets Orton on the hood of the ambulance.

McIntyre climbs up to the hood of the ambulance and Orton rakes his eyes, Orton then sends McIntyre back first through the windshield of the ambulance. McIntyre climbs towards the top of the ambulance as Orton attacks him with more strikes, Orton and McIntyre make their way to the roof of the ambulance. McIntyre tries fighting back and Orton nails him with a knee strike, McIntyre climbs down and Orton knocks him down after landing more strikes. Shawn Michaels appears from out of nowhere to knock Orton off the ambulance and through some staging after landing Sweet Chin Music, McIntyre picks Orton up and he carries him near the ambulance. Orton fights back and he nails McIntyre with an RKO on the arena floor, Orton gets McIntyre in the ambulance and he closes one of the doors. McIntyre prevents the second door from being closed before raking Orton’s eyes, McIntyre gets out of the ambulance and he nails him with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre gets Orton in the ambulance and he leaves his head hanging outside of it, McIntyre nails Orton with a punt before getting him fully in the ambulance and closing both doors.

Winner: Drew McIntyre, still your WWE Champion

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