WWE Day 1: SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. New Day Result

Jimmy and Jey Uso defended their SmackDown Tag Team Titles against New Day's Kofi Kingston and King Woods at WWE Day 1.

The two teams renewed their iconic rivalry at WWE Day 1, with The Usos retaining their titles after hitting a 3-D on Kofi Kingston. The two teams shared a look of respect after the bell.

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Here is a complete breakdown of the action:

Smackdown Tag-Team Championship
New Day (King Woods & Kofi Kingston) vs. The Usos (C)

King Woods and Jimmy Uso begin the match, Woods gets the quick takedown. Woods hits Jimmy with a back heel kick, Woods tags in Kofi Kingston. Kingston has control of the match until Jey Uso distracts Kingston.

Jey is tagged in, and he drops Kingston with a blackbody drop. However, Jey Uso distracts the referee, allowing Jimmy to hit Kofi cheaply. Kofi almost makes it to King Woods for the tag; however, Jimmy runs right at Woods and takes him down with a superkick.

The Usos are double-teaming Kofi and are in complete control of the match. Kingston jumps from the top rope, and Jimmy catches him, but Kofi counters it into a DDT. Kofi makes it to King Woods for the hot tag; Woods clears the ring. Woods hits Jimmy with a Russian Leg Sweep; Woods slams Jimmy down onto the canvas. Woods goes for the cover; however, Jimmy kicks out at two.

Jimmy goes to the top rope and hits Woods with a corkscrew. Jimmy tags in Jey, and they hit Woods with an assisted Samoan Drop. Woods and Jimmy begin exchange strikes. Kingston tags in and hits Jey with a big crossbody drop. Kofi hits Jimmy with the Boom Drop, Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, and he gets met with a superkick. Jimmy then goes for the pin, but Kingston kicks out at two. Pat McAfee says Gable Steveson is in the front row. Jimmy Uso has Kofi locked in with a single-leg crab submission hold.

Kingston hits Jimmy Uso with an SOS, but Jimmy kicks out at two. Woods then comes flying in and lands on Jimmy. Kingston goes for the pin, but Jimmy kicks out. The Usos' hit a stereo double splash. Jey goes for the pin; however, King Woods breaks up the pin. As Pat McAfee stated on commentary, the Usos hit Kofi with the 1D (3D remix). They pin Kofi to retain the Smackdown Tag-Team titles.

Winners and still Smackdown Tag-Team Champions: The Usos

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