WWE Has No Interest In Alberto Del Rio, Despite Him Saying "The Door Is Open"

File this one under "well, duh."

Alberto Del Rio has been out of the national spotlight for a year now, since he no-showed Impact events at last year's WrestleMania weekend. Last week, he spoke to Super Luchas, saying that he had made peace with WWE and the door was open for a return. He clarified that he's not aching to go back, and neither is WWE, but that the possibility was there before he retired.

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I spoke to multiple sources within WWE that seemed to disagree from a talent standpoint. Del Rio has made a wealth of poor impressions on any number of wrestlers, staff and management in WWE, and his no-show issues last year aren't lost on the company either.

As reported on Fightful Select today, when we asked those in the company, they communicated that while WWE doesn't seem to have any firm plans for Paige's future, they wouldn't risk alienating her or making her uncomfortable to bring in Del Rio for any amount of time. That being said, the status of their relationship or friendship isn't really clear, but WWE has held Paige in high regard for many things, most recently her promotional tour of Fighting With My Family. Many in WWE were aware that Paige was going to face some tough questions during the media promo aspect of the film, and thought that she handled it better than they could have imagined.

We should specify -- this isn't a situation in which Paige or anyone else has actively petitioned for Del Rio to not be brought back, but more of a situation of the negative possibilities outweighing the positive possibilities.

The talent we spoke to didn't state that there was any bad blood, just mainly bad impressions that Del Rio hasn't exactly worked hard to repair beyond those who can provide him paychecks. He rarely wrestles and has instead been influential in the Combate Americas promotion. Crazier things have happened, but most polled seemed to think something would have to go horribly wrong for Del Rio to be brought back soon.

Allow me to reiterate -- no overtures for work from either side were made to begin with. WWE just doesn't seem keen on it, anwyway.

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