WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 - SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair vs. Bayley Match Result

Bianca Belair defended her SmackDown Women's Championship against Bayley inside Hell In A Cell.

The two women have been feuding ever since Bianca won the title from Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 37. Belair won their first encounter at WrestleMania Backlash, but a rematch was granted after Bayley argued that she was cheated in that encounter.

Molly Belle: For the Moments

Bayley would spend the weeks leading up to Hell In A Cell trying to get under Bianca's skin, laughing at her every chance she got. The EST of WWE didn't back down though, challenging Bayley to a match inside the unforgiving structure. The Role Model accepted.

Inside the Cell, Bayley used her experience to gain the upper hand, utilizing weapons and the steel structure. She would also tie Bianca's hair to the ropes and a chair but wasn't able to sustain those attacks very long. Bianca would come back strong and eventually earn the victory after planting Bayley with the K.O.D. onto a ladder.

Here is a rundown of the action:

Smackdown Women's Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Bianca Belair (c) vs Bayley

Bianca beckons Bayley to face off with her, but Bayley is reluctant as they lock up and Bianca drops Bayley repeatedly before Bayley rolls out of the ring to catch her breath before snapping Bianca's throst aacross the rope and tossing a pair of chairs into the ring. Bayley slams Bianca by her hair and picks up a chair before sliding the second out of the ring and Bianca gets several two counts before Bayley scrambles for the chair again and Bianca dropkicks the chair into Bayley's face. Bianca sets Bayley up top and Bayley counters before sending Bianca face first into the top of the post and into the post on the opposite side of the ring for two before focusing on the now injured arm of Bianca until Bianca comes back briefly by pulling Bayley off of the steps. Bayley ties Bianca's hair around the bottom rope before she gets free and Bianca throws the steps at Bayley who gets out of the way before Bianca boots her into the side of the cage and Bayley goes back to her arm before hitting Bianca with a kendo stick and hitting a code red into the side of the cage. Bayley sticks two kendo sticks that have been taped together through the side of the cage before Bianca attacks her and hits a spine buster through the sticks at ringside before rolling Bayley back inside for two before Bayley traps Bianca's arm in a chair and wrings it repeatedly. Bayley ties Bianca's hair to the chair and kicks her in the face while sitting on the chair before Bianca slaps Bayley out of the chair and Bayley runs her knee into the chair before Bianca spears her knee and ties her up with her hair before dropping Bayley repeatedly. Bianca hits Bayley with a stick and sends her into the side of the cage repeatedly before Bayley hits Bianca with a small ladder and brings it into the ring before sending Bianca face first into the ladder they have a tug of war over it before trapping Bianca in the ladder and smashing it against her. Bianca then sends Bayley face first into the top turmbuckle before putting the ladder across her and Bayley rolls out of the way before Bianca hits a senton onto the back of Bayley and hits her with the KOD onto the ladder for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair retains her Smackdown Women's title by defeating Bayley via pinfall.

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