WWE Hell In A Cell - 24/7 Championship: R-Truth vs. Drew Gulak Result

WWE 24/7 Championship
R-Truth (c) vs. Drew Gulak

The match begins with Gulak kicking Little Jimmy before getting attacked by R-Truth, R-Truth drops Gulak with a hip toss for a near fall. R-Truth sends Gulak into the corner before landing some strikes, R-Truth mounts Gulak in the corner while landing more strikes. Gulak gets free and he nails R-Truth with a clothesline, Gulak focuses his attack on the legs of R-Truth. Gulak holds R-Truth down while wrenching away on his leg, Gulak then gets R-Truth in a headlock and R-Truth gets free before getting rolled up for a near fall. Gulak trips up R-Truth and he wrenches away on the leg again, Gulak releases the hold before getting R-Truth in a lifting chin lock. R-Truth gets free and he nails Gulak with some flying shoulder tackles and a back suplex, R-Truth nails Gulak with a Five Knuckle Shuffle next. Gulak escapes the Attitude Adjustment before eating a spinning elbow strike for a near fall, R-Truth misses a scissor kick and Gulak nails him with a corner clothesline followed by strikes. R-Truth climbs to the top rope and Gulak meets him up there, R-Truth gets free and he gets Gulak on his shoulders. Gulak rolls through and R-Truth catches him in a roll up for a three count.

Winner: R-Truth, still the WWE 24/7 Champion

After the match, Akira Tozawa and The Lucha House Party chases R-Truth backstage, Drew Gulak goes to the panel and he mocks John Cena.

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