WWE Smackdown Live Match Ratings For 9/18/18, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp Of Fightful.com

Opening Segment

  • The Miz says he has "breaking news." It's that he and Daniel Bryan are facing off in Austrailia for a title shot. Wut. 
  • Miz says he's nervous to bring back his guest. It's Maryse. She trashes Daniel Bryan 
  • Maryse says that for now, she's done on Smackdown Live. The crowd cheers. Miz says people gave birth 30 or 40 years ago and haven't recovered. He's talking about 50-70 year olds. 
  • Daniel Bryan comes out and kicks Miz's ass and knocks Miz into Marye's ribs. Miz immediately checks on her. 
  • Miz comes across as really concerned and plays this very well. Maryse was faking and Bryan beats up Miz again. I would have much preferred it if they didn't do the swerve. Now everyone looks like an asshole.
  • Bryan backstage tells Kayla Braxton that he's gonna punch Miz's face, and his ticket to the WWE Championship at Super-Showdown.
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Cesaro (w/ Sheamus) defeated Kofi Kingston (w/ New Day)

  • There is a really bad, really dumb series of promos between New Day and Cesaro. New Day are dressed as guys on a safari, and The Bar just set up their catchphrase. At least we're getting Cesaro vs. The Bar out of it.
  • We get a commercial, which features Cesaro destroying pancakes.
  • Cesaro will be 38 this year, and still does incredibly impressive things physically. That includes a hard European uppercut, and a dropkick to Kofi, who is on the top rope.
  • I like that Cesaro sold an enziguri without falling down. We don't always see that. Kofi does a nice tornado DDT and a Bounce Con Hilo.
  • Cesaro gets the Neutralizer for the win.

Randy Earton

  • Randy Orton is in the production truck stoically harassing a production employee. "You know what happens when you piss me off, right?" was a great line from him. 
  • Orton wanted to see THE EAR FOOTAGE.
  • He says this is nothing compared to what he's going to do to his next victim.
  • Remember a week ago when people reported WWE was interested in Killer Kross, then WWE remembered they had Randy Orton?

WWE United States Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeated Rusev (w/ Rusev Day)

  • Rusev is a dick to Aiden English backstage. He says English isn't pulling his weight and it isn't good enough. English is mad and yells at a stage hand and takes credit for Rusev Day. He goes off about Lana, who is still there watching. This is more of everyone looking like an asshole.
  • Lana tries to tell Rusev, but he wants her to hold off, and asks Aiden English to do the honors of introducing him. Lana is frustrated.
  • I don't really give a shit about pyro, but that Rusev intro needs it.
  • I like that Nakamura is still a troll in the ring. I like that Rusev suplexed him overhead, too.
  • English gets on the mic and chants "RUSEV DAY."
  • A series of great kicks lands for Rusev. Nakamura fights back, but cracks his knee on the turnbuckle.
  • Nakamura rakes Rusev's eye and hits a Kinshasa off the second rope on the apron. Very cool spot. 
  • Machka Kick lands on a Kinshasa attempt.
  • English gets on the apron to scream RUSEV CRUSH and it distracts him. Nakamura wins via roll-up.
  • Aiden English attacks Rusev with the microphone. To me, this is a lot better than Rusev turning on Aiden. We've seen Rusev as the heel

AJ Styles defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas (w/ Zelina)

  • Almas attacks AJ Styles before the bell, and really puts a beating on him. The match gets started and Almas hits a big boot and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. 
  • The next time around, Styles counters with a Tornado DDT.
  • The spinning strike counter into Almas' elbow was fantastic. As was Styles scounting the double moonsault from last week.
  • What wasn't awesome was Styles holding on to the ropes, waiting for a double stomp.
  • Styles connects with a big sliding knee on the apron, but Almas comes back with a big dropkick and double knees in the corner. Outside of the stomp spot, this is great. 
  • Styles counters the Hammerlock DDT with a jackknife pin and a Styles Clash for the win.
  • Samoa Joe shows up and attacks Styles. Styles fights back and Joe escapes through the crowd. 

Asuka (w/Naomi) defeated Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce)

  • The IIconics make fun of how Naomi dances, and their disappointment is hilarious.
  • This is really short. Billie Kay controls most of it, then Asuka applies her submission out of nowhere and wins.
  • Asuka is just another girl.


  • I lost my original notes to this, but I really enjoyed this segment.
  • Becky Lynch was a pompous with a reason, and I don't think they're trying to make her the heel as much as everyone suggests. 
  • She's perfect in this role and has a special kind of charisma to her. She also beats Charlotte's ass.
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