WWE Survivor Series 2021 - Roman Reigns vs. Big E Result

The Tribal Chief stands tall.

Roman Reigns ultimately defeated Big E at Survivor Series but the WWE Champion put up a hell of a fight in his first-ever WWE pay-per-view main event.

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Despite the best efforts of Big E including, an apron spear and a Big Ending. Roman Reigns was overall able to assert his dominance on a night where SmackDown lost more than they won against Monday Night Raw.

Champion vs Champion Match
Roman Reigns (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) vs Big E (c)

Roman and E lock up for a stalemate before locking up again and E shoves Roman away before Roman rolls out of the ring and regroups with Paul before getting back into the ring and exchanging standing switches and forearms. Roman clotheslines E for one before beating him down in the corner and the two run the ropes before E drops Roman with a back elbow and drags him out onto the apron before missing a splash onto the apron and Roman rolls back inside before hitting a drive-by. Roman tosses E back inside and stomps and punches him in the corner before hitting a jumping elbow for one and locking in a rear chin lock before E gets to his feet and Roman drops him with a back elbow for two before E comes back with forearms and runs into a boot in the corner. Roman hits a running boot for two before dumping E out of the ring and sending him into the post before E sends Roman into the steps and the two get back inside before getting counted out and get to their feet before E hits a series of suplexes. E hits a jumping splash before running the ropes and Roman hits a Samoan drop for two before hitting clubbing blows in the corner and a running clothesline in the corner before E hits a uranage for two.

E locks in a stretch muffler before Roman counters into a roll up and a single armed sit-out powerbomb for two before calling for a Superman punch that E dodges before Roman hits a uranage of his own for two before hitting a Superman punch. E gets to his feet almost immediately before Roman hits a second Superman punch before playing to the crowd and calling for the spear before E marches him down and Roman counters the Big Ending before E spears him through the ropes. E tosses Roman back inside and Roman spears him for a deep two count before Roman locks in a standing guillotine and E drives him into the corner to get free before Roman locks in a guillotine in the ropes and snaps E's neck in the ropes. Roman locks in a guillotine before E powers out and hits Roman with the Big Ending for a near fall when Roman grabs the bottom rope before Roman rolls out of the ring and onto his feet before E smashes his face into the announce table and into the post. E then sends Roman into the barricade before Roman sends him over the steps and Roman hits a flying Superman punch off of the steps before tossing E back inside and countering another Big Ending into a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns defeats Big E via pinfall.

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