WWE Taping Plans Ahead Of WrestleMania For Hall Of Fame, Smackdown

WWE has a busy schedule ahead of WrestleMania, and they're taping some of their WrestleMania week shows. Fightful has learned that the plan iss for the WWE go-home show for WrestleMania, the April 9 episode of WWE Smackdown, is actually slated to be taped the week prior. The early schedule actually calls for the April 9 episode to tape before the April 2 episode airs -- the latter of which is slated to be live. That week will also see the WWE Hall of Fame shows tape over the course of two days.

Fightful reported recently that WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies for 2021 are set to be filmed and edited for their Tuesday broadcast. We also learned this week that the plan is to film is on Tuesday and Thursday the week before the ceremony airs. We're told that the class of inductees will not be exactly as WWE originally planned, and some changes were made.

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Fightful has learned a host of Hall of Fame news over the weekend. Batista has been removed from advertising for the Hall of Fame, and Ringside News noted that he was no longer slated for the show. We can confirm that as WWE sources have told us that they prefer to have Batista go in to the Hall of Fame when a full crowd can enjoy it. Numerous WWE sources indicated to us that the Daniel Bryan "2021 Hall of Fame Inductee" was simply an error, and he isnt planned for the ceremony.

In addition, POST Wrestling posted a full schedule

Monday 3/29 - Monday Night Raw will broadcast live this day.

Tuesday 3/30 - The 4/5 episode of Monday Night Raw will be taped this day.

Tuesday 3/30 - The first half of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will be taped in advance of airing on 4/6.

Thursday 4/1 - More of WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will be taped this day, and aired 4/6.

Thursday 4/1 - WWE will tape Friday Night Smackdown for Friday 4/2 and Friday 4/9.

Friday 4/2 - WWE will tape Friday Night Smackdown Friday 4/2 and Friday 4/9.

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