WWE Writer Recalls Time He Argued Against Vince McMahon -- And Won

Does anyone ever win an argument against Vince McMahon?

According to Tom Casiello, he did just that. He spoke to The Agenda Podcast about the experience. It was back on the January 14, 2013 edition of Raw where Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres to win the Divas title in her hometown of Houston, Texas. But it almost didn't happen that night.

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"That was the first time I fought with Vince McMahon" he recalls. 

The story goes that Eve pitched the idea to drop the title as she was preparing to leave the company as her contract had expired. Casiello pitched the idea for Kaitlyn to win it in her hometown, but got a lukewarm response with higher ups. 

"The response I got was 'Well, no one knows that Houston is Kaitlyn's hometown'" he said. "I was like, well, yeah, you just announcer her as Houston's Own Kaitlyn."

Later, when they were arguing over when they should do the title switch, Casiello said he fought with Vince McMahon over when they should do the title change. While some were saying they should have done the switch the week before or the week after, since Eve Torres said she would be paid one night to drop the title, it might as well be the day they were in Texas as that made the most sense.

"Kaitlyn's going to win the title in her hometown. Like, that's a big babyface moment. Why wouldn't you say yes?" he remembers arguing.

Vince McMahon did eventually cave in, which he said was very rare. Kaitlyn won the title in Houston, and would go on to hold it until June of that year.

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