The Young Bucks' Twitter Battle With The Revival Just Came Back To Bite Them

So last night, The Revival (finally) debuted on the main roster, answering an open challenge from The New Day.

They won.

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They tried to break Kofi Kingston's leg.

It was great.

What is also great, is that all of their doubters now have to eat a big old plate of crow.

And two of their doubters (at least in kayfabe on Twitter) have been Matt and Nick Jackson, better known as The Young Bucks.

About six weeks ago, I brought you a story about beef between the ROH Champs and the then-NXT greats, a beef that got out of hand when one party promised to retire when the other party got called up to the main roster of WWE.

I'll let you figure out which party was which in that scenario.

For context, I've re-published the original article, and I've updated it at the end to include some SHOCKING new developments.


This gets good.



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Who Are The Real Top Guys On Twitter?

Okay, show of hands, who wants to see a hypothetical fight between The Revival and The Young Bucks?

Yeah, me too.

Too bad, though, since the The Young Bucks just signed a two year extension with ROH and The Revival is stuck down in NXT, can't even get a sniff of the main roster, not even when American Alpha are literally BEGGING for new challengers on SmackDown. So we'll have to wait to see them get in a physical fight.

However, the Twitter fight is CURRENT and ONGOING.

It started with this Tweet from Scott Dawson.

It's not just a true-to-the-gimmick "No Flips, Just Fists" reference, it's also a somewhat timely shot at the 6-star rating that famously Japan-centric Dave Meltzer gave to the Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada match at Wrestle KIngdom. But you know who else Dave Meltzer loves? And you know who else HATES the fact that people like me call The Revival "the best tag team in the world"? 

The Young Bucks, that's who.

Here is their response:

Four sleeping emojis.

Thereby signaling that the Young Bucks (or at least the Matt half) find The Revival boring.

Here is Dawson's rejoinder to this bon mot.

Cartwheeling men and dancing ladies.

Sure. Seems legit.

But then The Young Bucks had to go and bring merch sales into it. 

Bad form.

Dash Wilder got into the act at this point, and he wasn't exactly in awe of The Young Bucks' potential residuals.

And it was here that Matt Jackson delivered the hammer blow, and it was over.

Oh yes, he did, Ryan Gosling.

Oh yes. He did.

When Dash & Dawson regain consciousness, they might reply.

We will keep you updated.



Dash Wilder has a good memory.  Almost two months after their initial Twitter back and forth, he tweeted this screenshot at Matt and Nick Jackson:

Matt Jackson, who you'll remember said The Young Bucks would retire when The Revival got called up to the main roster, is at least a true man of his word:

No word yet on if the Young Bucks will be wrestle a final match to drop the ROH Titles to the Briscoes or whoever, but it's official now. The Young Bucks are retiring.

Tough week. 

First The Undertaker hangs it up (or leaves it folded up in a neat little pile in the middle of the ring) and now The Young Bucks too.

Well, let me be the first to say #ThankYouYoungBucks.

Let's get it trending.

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