Zicky Dice Comments On The Frustration Of Being Unsigned, Stays Ready For Whenever The Call Comes

Zicky Dice is ready to be back on TV.

Speaking with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, the current free agent was asked about the frustration of being unsigned when you're so close to breaking through to the next level. Dice has been on the market since January 1, 2021, when he finished up with the NWA. While with the promotion, he held their World Television Championship, a title he won from current AEW Superstar, Ricky Starks. He said the following:

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"Dude, I'm going to be honest with you, it drives me nuts. In all reality, all bullshit aside, all outlandish ha-ha-ha out the window right now, it drives me f**king nuts, dude. Nuts! I called Ricky [Starks] and I'm like, 'dude, what is it?' You know, it's funny because Ricky, when he turned down his NWA contract, he felt the exact way that I am right now. But my thing is every day that goes on, it gets worse for me. Release this hot video. It's like, dude, what do I have to do next? My next video has to be better than this 67-second video we released on Monday and that took us three weeks? It's just myself and my partner pumping out all this content."

Dice then shared a story about his WWE tryout match and the praise given to him by a Hall of Famer. Here's what he said:

"I know it's a promo away. It's a 'something' away. Dude, I go and do extra work at WWE and Jeff Jarrett comes up to me and grabs my fanny pack and he's like, 'you're a star, kid.' You know, and Levi and I get a standing ovation in the ring around the tryout match and 'we never give anyone standing ovations.' You know what I did? I did three magic tricks and took one bump in that ring. That's it."

Zicky concluded by saying that he makes sure to stand out. Not only that, but he is confident in his ability to outshine anyone who might be deemed as more deserving than him. Just in case that call to a televised promotion comes, Dice always stays ready; suit, hair, and gear.

"I make sure to stand out. I make sure to do things different. I know they see the tags. I see the daily tags, and I'm sick of them. I'm sick of the 'why don't you go here, why don't you go there?' Like it's up to me. Like I have some kind of control. I'll tell you this, I won't slow down and I'm not going to stop. Find me someone doing -- on the indie circuit, who you claim is more deserving and give me 48 hours and I'll outshine them every single time.

My ring gear, top-notch. The other day I was so depressed about being stuck where I am working on this video, you know what I did? I ordered brand new custom pink boots with white soles. Brand new set of gear. Four new ring jackets, ready. You know what else? I got some more dress shoes because when the call comes I got a suit ready to go. Hair bleached. The hair stays bleached. Every three weeks. Not going to let those roots grow in and go on television looking like a sack of sh*t. I added DDP Yoga to the mix..."

Zicky Dice has made no secret about his desire to join the All Elite Wrestling roster.

Fightful spoke with Zicky Dice in January of 2021, where he also mentioned his goal of working for AEW. That interview can be seen here.

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